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Jun 27 2012

5 Things That Fired You Up as a Kid That Don’t Anymore

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Since the onset of my mentality that I’m going to be a father I’ve been doing a ton of reflecting on life in general.  In particular I’ve been thinking about my youth.   Granted we all have problems at any age, but for most of us, even in bad conditions our youth is generally remembered as a fairly happy time.   And that’s because whether you’re rich or poor, as a young person most of us don’t have to pay for things or worry about real life responsibilities.

It’s during your youth, and only your youth where you have this kind of a life.  I mean unless you’re a trust fund baby, the times when you are a kid are the most care free and least responsible.   Speaking of which, there are five things in particular that had its advantages as a child that just don’t feel nearly as special as an adult.

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I would say up until the age of 30, birthdays are truly a fun time.   After 30?  Each year just reminds you that you’re getting older by a year.   But I remember as a kid how giddy I used to be the night before a birthday.   And how pumped were you to open your presents?  Now?  Now unless your birthday falls on a weekend you’re working that day and it’s just another day.   Yeah you might get Happy Birthday wishes on Facebook but it’s just not as special as it used to be.


Don’t get me wrong.  I still get pretty pumped for dessert but have you ever seen how insane children are for dessert?  It’s as if every single dessert is a holiday.   I mean crack heads don’t get as pumped for drugs as kids get for dessert.  Plus now even when you eat dessert you have to think of your health so that added stigma kind of blows.   As a child, dessert is one of the best things on earth.

Staying Home Sick

As an adult being sick absolutely sucks.   Sitting at home all day is not nearly as good as it was when you were a child.   As a kid it means video games, computer fun, and not having to go to school.  Granted missing work can be fun but being sick is way worse.   Somehow as a kid feeling crappy physically didn’t hold as much weight mentally as missing a day of school.   As an adult, it’s the complete opposite.

Highly Energetic Activities All Day on a Weekend

One thing I notice about the children in my life is that they can go all day doing just about anything.  The can catch a baseball game at 9am for little league, go to a birthday party and eat crap food at 12, and then go swimming at 5.   They’ll wake up the next day and feel fine.   Us adults?  No thanks.  I do all that on a Sunday and I’m not feeling normal until Wednesday.   It’s a tough cycle.


How amazing was having 2 months off?  Seriously.  How awesome was it?  Don’t get me wrong.  I dig summer because of the weather but other than that it means almost nothing compared to when I was a kid.  I get somewhat giddy for summer but all in all it’s just another time of year.    As a kid, having summer means the world to you.



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