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Jun 27 2012

5 Celebs We Just Can’t Stand

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What’s with some celebs these days? It’s like they know exactly what pisses us off, rubs us the wrong way, or what it takes to be the ultimate tool. It’s like that annoying girlfriend that you just can’t seem to ditch.

While it’s true not all famous people belittle themselves to such behavior, there’s certain ones that we don’t even think twice about when considering who we’d punch in the face if given the chance.

It’s bad enough they use their popularity to benefit their bank account, even when they’re a no talent ass-clown, but it’s worse that people (including us) write about them on a daily basis.

Since we wouldn’t mind these people falling off the face of the earth, here are five celebs we never want to catch ourselves writing about – or hear anyone else speak of again.

Kim Kardashian

Look, the chick’s hot as hell, has a killer ass, and is dating one of the biggest rappers on the planet, but can a brother get a little break from her? She’s all over the magus while waiting in the grocery store line, and if you’re all over those, than you know you’re a little bit overexposed. Add in her crazy f*ckin’ family, and it’s just too much to keep up with!

Tim Tebow

Quick, tell us another second-string Quarterback that switched teams this year. Can’t do it? We probably can, but we’re too busy listening to ESPN repeat Tebow’s name every five seconds to think about anyone else. We get it, he’s a Christian. It’s great that he’s a virgin (we guess?) It’s even cool that he won a bunch in college. But for the love of football sanity, until he’s a regular starter in the NFL, can we just stop talking about him?

Charlie Sheen

Alright, so he’s a bad boy – there’s plenty of other dudes out there that love to bang and snort a bunch of drugs too, but we don’t see their faces all over commercials and crappy looking TV shows. He was hilarious for about two weeks last summer, but after that, we remembered that he was Charlie Sheen, and no one’s ever really given a sh*t about him.

Any Presidential Candidate

It’s an election year, so there’s an obvious overload on all things politics, but the damn thing’s months away, so why do we have to hear about who the public would vote to be our next Prez in the middle of the summer?  If they want kids to “Rock the Vote,” maybe they shouldn’t stuff all this nonsense down our throats!

Chris Brown

The dude’s famous for beating up one of the sexiest chicks on the planet, and fighting with another rapper in a club. If that keeps you in the public eye, than we know plenty of broners who should be on E! everyday. Don’t get us wrong, dude can dance his ass off, but can anyone even name three Chris Brown songs? We honestly can’t do it.

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  • Frank

    I loved how the article about the Chris Brown/Drake fight referred to them as “rappers” (with the quotations), very obviously insinuating that they aren’t rappers. I had a good chuckle.



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