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Jun 26 2012

Five Reasons Why I’ve Warmed up To The Big Bang Theory

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Well I haven’t wavered on Two and a Half Men by any stretch of the imagination.   I still think that might be one of the worst shows on television.    However, there’s another show that I used to knock for quite some time which oddly enough was created by Chuck Lorre (also created Two and a Half Men) and that show is The Big Bang Theory.   Honestly I used to hate the show.   And if it weren’t for TBS I’d probably still trash it simply because I didn’t give it enough tries.

However, for some reason I’ve really taken to it in the last month or so.   And for the record, I still don’t think the show is outrageously funny.   Granted I laugh more than I used to but it’s not really that laugh out loud kind of funny.   Still that doesn’t take away from the fact that the show is enjoyable.

Anyway, here are five reasons I’ve warmed up to the show….

The Dialogue is Very Smart

Let’s face it, you probably can’t understand a third of what these guys say and that’s the point.   Honestly I’m not sure how accurate the scientific dialogue is and I really don’t care.   Have you ever seen a show that at least looks the part of this kind of sophistication?  Probably not.   The writing on this show is clearly top notch.  And I think the “not understanding” part of it is more than half the fun.   When these guys get into their crazy arguments about science you almost want them to go off in tangents that confuse you because that’s the exact point of those moments.  We’re supposed to feel dumb and they do a good job of it.

You Either Like Jim Parsons or You Don’t

I tell ya I used to get annoyed as hell at Sheldon.   He’s cocky, annoying, and even talks in a way that would bother most.   And yet I’ve warmed up to how much of a dick his character is.  Because deep down you know he’s that smart and that nearly allows him to make the comments that he does.   Also that he makes fun of geniuses for being dumb is smart in itself.   Honestly I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a character like this before.  Like I said, I used to hate it and now I love it.  You’re either all in or out with him.

Kaley Cuoco’s Outfits

Of all the characters on the show, Penny is probably my least favorite.  However, she does serve her purpose:  which is to look good in front of a bunch of geeks.   The show goes out of its way to dress her in shirt that accentuate the cleavage and she’s always seen in girly pajamas type clothing.  It’s a great compliment to the geeky nature of the program.

I Guess I’m a Geek at Heart

You see one of the draws of this show is that I think many of us are geeks at heart.  While we might not have PhD’s and be as smart as the characters on the show, we face the same dorky problems they do.  Namely awkwardness with women and also admitting our geeky nature to ourselves.   Hell sometimes these guys are even in denial which brings me to my next point….

Rajesh and Howard are Definitely Funny

Howard is great because deep down he thinks he’s a ladies man.   And deep down he wishes the stigma of geek wasn’t attached to him.  At least when he’s around women.   And that makes his character hilarious simply because of how far from that he actually is.    And Rajesh?  He’s just awesome.   I think any time he says “dude” I laugh.   Of the whole bunch he’s the one that’s most familiar with the “now” phrases.

*and lastly it’s just good wholesome mindless entertainment.   I can escape the world for 30 minutes and that’s always a plus.

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  • keltari

    I guess I have the opposite opinion. I loved the show at the beginning and like it less now. The show was funny because it was about nerdom and social awkwardness. As the show has gone on, it has lost its charm. The relationships they forced into the show just take everything away from the show that I liked. I dont like the two new female characters for that reason. I really liked Penny and Sheldon’s interactions, but now they dont spend any time on them. Its a shame, really.

  • michelle

    This is probably one of the greatest shows out there. the show touches on the true facts between scientists & the regular world.

  • Turnspike

    I’ve only watched one episode all the way through and seen a few bits here and there of others.

    I won’t be giving it any more chances.

    I laughed once in the episode I watched and that was at a character who I assume would only appear in that one.

    Im in the hate Sheldon camp. I don’t know why the rest of the cast are friends with him.
    If you want clever dialogue watch Frasier.
    If you want hot women, there’s plenty out there to watch.
    If you want geeky humour, there’s Futurama.
    If you want awkward teens/twenty somethings watch ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ or ‘That 70s Show’.

    You don’t need to torture yourself with this show. That’s just a few examples.

    A couple of the best comedies in recent years have been ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and ‘Trailer Park Boys’.

    Shame on you for promoting this rubbish. Please, for the sake of humanity, go back to slating it.

  • Fan

    @ turnspike

    OK man, thanks for telling us what we should watch.

    I liked the part when you talked about the time you laughed and it was not at a main character lolololol!

  • Gretchen Luper

    This is the funniest show on tv if you give it a chance. I only had to watch one show to get hooked. Sheldon is so funny I get a bellyache from laughing. The writers need to do more with Rajesh, he is vastly underused and is so funny when they do write for him. Bernadette and Howard are so so in my book. They need to do something with the character of Amy Farrah Fowler (I think that’s her name). By herself she’s a bore. Sometimes she is funny in her interactions with Sheldon. Penny is great. She has some of the funniest dialogue on the show and she’s so cute. I hope this show is on for years. I love to laugh.

  • carnation

    Interesting @turnspike… I could just watch this one show and get all of that in 30 mins… or watch 5 or 6 different shows in a few hours… guess that depends on how valuable my time is :/

  • Rich Graz

    most over rated show ever. Take out the fake laughing in the background and you won’t know when to laugh.

  • Jordann

    @ Rich Graz
    As a fairly intelligent individual, you should know when to laugh. My boyfriend and I (He’s a Sheldon character) actually discuss and debate, and so far we’ve only found a few discrepancies. It’s a funny show that doesn’t focus around bull crap ratings.

  • TD2

    @Rich Graz
    You are obviously as dumb as a rock with a sense of humour to match if you do not find it funny. For your information you are not hearing a laugh track, the show is actually performed in front of an audience with various dialogue changes to capture the best reactions.

    Next time you decide to leave your half-assed opinion, at least take the time to leave a valid reason and get your facts in order.

  • Armand

    As someone who actually does understand most of scientific dialogue, I have to say that a lot of it is rather exaggerated and a bit more cheesy than intellectual.

    I still enjoy the show for its humor though.

  • bobjr

    I have to agree with Armand many of scientific dialogue I understand and it is still not funny despite getting almost all the jokes, there just not that funny to begin with. I really tried to enjoy this show because heard so much about it but it isn’t happening for me. This show is like watching Curb Your Enthusiasm except it is not meant to be this painful to watch.

    “You are obviously as dumb as a rock with a sense of humour to match if you do not find it funny.”

    As for TD2 is asshole is you think you can judge one’s self humor because they laugh at something you don’t or vice versa. Everyone has a different sense of humor and taste in many things. Just look at Justin Bieber fans of imo horrible music yet he still sells out for everyone one his shows.

  • Bigman

    Sorry but this list is atrociously wrong
    there is only 1 (maybe 2 depending on how you’re “counting”)
    and that reason is Kaley Couco…and no not for her acting abilities.

    everything else with this show is done way too ham-handedly

  • Ray186

    The #1 reason should be soft kitty.

  • Watch_Dog

    I’ve given The Big Bang Theory too many chances. I liked it a lot in the beginning, and then it was just plain boring, repetitive, and
    I’ve grown to Hate the Characters. I’ve realized that I keep watching TV Series, even if they get worse [Alcatraz, Two and a Half Men, Revolution]. I absolutely hated the entirety of TBBT Season Five, with the exception of the Finale. Less than Half-Way between The 2nd Episode of the Sixth Season I turned off the TV. I’m finally done with The Big Bang Theory, which is long overdue.

  • Meh

    I used to like this show a lot and I still occasionally watch the first 2 seasons. I think its lost it’s charm and it isn’t as good as it used to be.
    So I’ll go back to rewatching old episodes of The IT Crowd for my geek humour.

  • Lawrence

    I’ve never made it through a full episode and really haven’t tried watching it since a few times during the 1st season. The dialog was killing me with their weird speech patterns. It’s like Gilmore Girls, the characters are biting their tongues waiting to say their oh so witty comeback lines before the other person even finishes speaking.

  • Shickelgruber

    Very few American comedy shows feature witty dialogue. This is one of the few that does. When they tried to make a US version of “Red Dwarf” the pilot stunk because they tried to make the main character “too nice” instead of an obnoxious prick and the vile slob a chisel chinned all-American he-man. The Sheldon and the Howard characters here would have been perfect.

  • Charles

    I’m an Engineer and the show is awesome because we can really relate to them. Even the equations on their boards are accurate and are not just a “1+2″ equation. This show is great!

  • Bookenz

    Anyway who doesn’t think the spanking scene between Sheldon and Amy isn’t funny has no sense of humor.

  • Oppan YOLO Swag

    Let me get this straight: you like this show because you THINK it looks sophisticated, because you don’t understand it?

    Wow, aren’t you a bright one.

  • iggy wigdust

    I don’t believe there is much true comedy on US TV these days. For me, it must have some appeal beyond the gratuitous. If it needs a laugh track, it probably won’t get a laugh from me.
    Hell, unlike most viewers here, I was raised on Spike Milligan and the gang, and by the time I had seen programming such as TWTWIW through to Monty Python’s first few shows, I was already prepared for something completely different than the usual.
    I agree that Red Dwarf could have been hilarious, but it failed abysmally because writers get it wrong too often. Third Rock was mildly funny, but only just. Big Bang is most often humorous and appealing, and not only because of Ms. Cuoco’s physical attributes. The main characters are dumber than hers, despite all their “intelligence”, and that’s one thing that makes it worth watching.

  • KaleyCuocoIsHot

    Damn! I would never watch this show, but if Katie Cuoco is going to run around in a white “wifebeater” tank with NO BRA! I’d gladly check it out with a big woody too seeing her nips! She’s hot!!!

  • MB

    Kaley is usually nipping out pretty hard too, which is good.

  • Josh

    I respect your opinion and your right to like the show, but there are too many grammar mistakes in this article for me to believe you are actually a geek. Real geeks tend to not like this show because of it’s inadequacies and stereotypes. People have a right to like the show, but I just don’t find it funny at all.



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