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Jun 25 2012

5 Ways to Read If The Chick’s Into You

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There’s nothing easy about reading a chick. Sometimes, it’s hard to establish whether or not she wants you — or just wants you to buy her another round of Fireball shots. While we’re far from experts on this stuff, we’ve seen a couple things that help us while at the bar — though things tend to get foggy after that. So next time you post-up next to a hottie, use these tips to make sure you’re not just wasting your time, while she gets wasted on your dime.

Wait Before Paying for Round Two

Buy a minx a drink, and you might as well buy a few minutes of her attention. Let her guzzle that thing down, see if she warms up to you, and make your move. When you notice her glass is nearly empty, resist the urge to order another round. Does she keep talking to you, or does she start to look for her girlfriends? If she’s updating her Facebook status or scanning the bar for other company, you know you should move on.

Call Upon the Wingman

Come on, what does your boy think? A copilot can gauge whether a hottie is into you, or just into your wallet. Tell your buddy to walk over and join the conversation when he sees you’ve been chatting up said chick. His stay should be brief — an easy exit route is to call a buddy who hasn’t arrived to the bar yet — how does the chick react? If she directs all of her attention to your wingman, you should consider making an exit with him.

Make The Chick Laugh

Every chick likes a guy that can make her giggle like a school girl, but women also know that men like to feel funny. That’s right, she may be giving you a polite, but not authentic, chuckle. To figure out if her reaction is sincere, look at her eyes. If it’s a genuine smile, her eyes will crinkle at the corners. If she’s just humoring you, they won’t budge. In fact, they might look a bit distant. Yawn. Move on dude. If she’s going to fake a simple laugh, what else will she try to fake?

Hit the John

Think about it. If you were chatting up a chick that you wanted to take home, you’d stick around if she excused herself for a personal moment. This is the ultimate test. Tell her you’ll be right back. If she’s in the same area where you left her, that’s a good sign. If a chick isn’t interested, she’ll take any opportunity to bail.

Body Talk

Stop staring at her perfect boobs. If you take a second to stop being distracted by her round assets, focus on how she’s positioning herself in front of you. Squared shoulders? Is she leaning in, touching you (and maybe herself) occasionally? This is what you’re looking for. Also, take a sneak peak at her feet. Not in a creepy way though, dude.  Ladies inadvertently point their feet in the direction of their focus. So let’s hope that those fuck me boots are faced your way.

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