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Jun 22 2012

10 Terrible Moments You’ll Face in the Bathroom

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Nine times out of ten the bathroom is a place of relief.   Going to the bathroom is a relief.   Taking a shower is a relief.   Brushing our teeth is a relief.   All of these things are meant to maintain the human body and we usually feel better after performing these actions.   However, once in a while we get some negativity in this relief room.

Speaking of which.   Here are ten terrible moments you will inevitably face in the bathroom….

The Almost Death Slip

We’ve all been there.   This is the moment you slip and fall in the bathroom and you realize had your head been half and inch to the left or right and you’d have certainly faced death.   It’s amazing how short a spot can save your life.

Sitting on the Bowl with the Seat Up

How terrible a feeling is this?  Usually it happens to women because us men leave the seat up but it’s happened to me.  It’s like this crazy unfamiliar feeling on your butt and you don’t know what to make of it.   It’s usually a little damp and sticky.  Frankly it’s gross and you long for the toilet seat.

The Worst Crap of Your Life

Ever take a dump where you literally feel like you’re going to die?  It’s amazing how you can remember these moments.   I actually had one this morning.  I’d rather not get into detail but I think you guys know what I’m taking about here.

You’re out of something but in the Shower

How annoying is that?  You’re in the shower.  The water is the perfect temperature and there’s no soap.  That is just such a buzzkill.   Unless someone is in the house with you this is a terrible feeling.

The dreaded water level flush

We’ve all been there.   You flush the toilet and instead of the water level going down it goes up.   This is panic mode.   What a horrible moment.

You Clogged the Toilet and No Plunger

If you live in an apartment with a super this usually isn’t too bad.  But if you’re in a house and you have no tools to get that crap out you’re screwed and have to wait on a plumber.   Nothing’s more fun than a big turd in your toilet.

No More Toilet Paper after the Fact

Ugh.  Thankfully this has only happened to me in the single digits in my lifetime.  But every time it’s happened it’s brutal.   You either have to use tissues which are horrible or you have to run pants down to another bathroom to get toilet paper.  If you have only one bathroom?  God help you.

The Sink Stain

This is kind of minor but it’s certainly an inconvenience.   If you’re washing up in the dark sometimes you don’t realize what you’re getting on the sink and the next day you have dry toothpaste or even blood on the sink.   It just sucks to have to wake up and see that.

The Building Stains You Ignore in the Shower

We all do it.  We just sit there watching the grime build up and eventually it gets to the point where cleaning it is horrible so we just leave it there.   That’s how showers get ruined.

The Smelly Towel

Ugh.   This happens all the time.  How hard is it to clean a towel?  And yet most of us leave our towels until they smell so bad that it actually affects our own odor!




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