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Jun 21 2012

Five of Nature’s Beauties You Have to See Live Just Once

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Just the other day I was driving in my car and it started to rain.   But it was also sunny out.   First of all I just want to say that I love a good sun shower.  You don’t get them often and they really look pretty cool.   I guess it’s just one of nature’s fun occurrences that gets to us every once in a while.

But what was really spectacular was the fact that this rain shower caused a tremendous rainbow.  And I’m not talking about the little rainbows that form when you see a sprinkler system on in the summer time.   I’m talking about a coast to coast leprechaun-like rainbow.   The kind of rainbow that you might only see once in your entire lifetime.

It was at that moment that I was really grateful for it.  That I actually got to see it and experience something that magnificent.   Speaking of which I wanted to mention five of these natural occurrences that you really have to see live at least once in your lives….

A Comet or Shooting Star Crossing the Sky

Amazingly, seeing a shooting star is quite easy.  It’s just that most of us probably never look.  Your chance of seeing a meteor or ‘shooting star’ depends on where you’re located,
how clear the sky is, and how patient you are.   If you’re in a place with a reasonably dark sky, far from the lights of a big city, and the  sky is clear, and you’re willing to get comfortable and do nothing but watch the sky for maybe 30 to 45 minutes, then your chance is nearly 100%.  So why not see something that awesome just once?  A comet on the other hand ain’t so easy.

A Humongous Rainbow

As I mentioned in the introduction, the rainbow I saw was literally a once in a lifetime rainbow.   To be honest rainbows like that just don’t appear in NY that often.   In fact probably only once every few years, if that.   However, if you ever have the means to visit a tropical climate chances are you’ll get to see some glorious rainbows.   Don’t just skip them.   Marvel at how beautiful and amazing they are.

A Summer Solstice

The summer solstice occurs exactly when the axial tilt of a planet’s semi-axis in a given hemisphere is most inclined towards the star that it orbits. Earth’s maximum axial tilt to our star, the Sun, during a solstice is 23° 26′. This happens twice each year, at which times the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from the North or South Pole respectively.  What you need to be concerned with is how amazing some parts of the country look during these times.  It’s truly a sight to see and you must see one live.

A Total Eclipse

If anything you can watch one of these and then commit a crime and just blame it on the moon.  OK I’m kidding.  But seriously, it’s way different to watch one of these in person than it is to see one in a picture or on television.

A Really Gigantic Moon

I think we’ve all experienced nights where the moon looked pretty awesome.    We’ve all seen a full moon too.   But I’m talking about the kind of moon that just looks abnormal.  The kind of moon you’ve seen in movies.   The one where it can just come out and grab you.   I’d say I’ve seen a moon like that maybe 2-3 times in my entire live.   And each of those times I looked at it as long as possible.

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