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Jun 19 2012

Five Industries That Have Us By the Cajones

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If there’s one thing I hate in this world, it’s depending on someone or some thing to get what I need done taken care of.   It’s just annoying.  Ideally I’d like to be able to take care of all of life’s tasks by myself.   Unfortunately that’s just not how the world works.   In fact the world can work in a way that makes you so dependent that you simply don’t have a choice but to rely on certain people and industry to get you by.

Today I’d like to focus on such industries that basically “have us by the balls.”  And what I mean by that is that we’re so dependent on them that they can pretty much do whatever the hell they want and there simply isn’t much we can do about it.

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The Baby Industry

Since I am an expecting father I can attest to this one more than just about anyone.   The amount of crap you have to be aware of and take care of when it comes to a child is simply outrageous these days.   Strollers to medication to nipples to diapers, it’s endless.   Frankly I think that companies could charge over $1000 for a stroller or car seat and there’s simply nothing we could do about it.  What are we going to NOT pay?  Of course not.   These guys can do pretty much whatever the hell they want.

Health Insurance

This seems like the only industry where premiums go up every single year and we just deal with it.  I mean what are we going to do?  Not pay for our health insurance?  Are we going to pay full price for medication?  It’s unbelievable.   Sure your cable bill might go up a little each year but health insurance is a joke.  It’s the only industry where I consistently see rates go up over 10% every year and while I bitch about it, I have no choice but to continue to pay.  P.S. I’d say the whole insurance industry has us by the nuts.


If gas were over $10 a gallon we’d all still be paying it.   The amazing thing is that none of us really know what these oil companies can and can’t charge for gasoline.  We just assume it’s supply and demand or that there’s some situation in the middle east.   We don’t know shit.   We have no idea how pricing works and yet we’ll just keep going to the pump because hey, we gotta get from A to B.


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  While pharma companies can produce life saving drugs (and they do), I’m also convinced they make drugs that people become dependent on.   I’d be willing to be there are minds great enough that can find cures to cancers and maybe even AIDS.   However that doesn’t benefit a pharmaceutical company.  From a business standpoint you’d rather have people on a drug for years than take something as a one time shot.  And who is the loyalty to from Big Pharma?  The shareholders.   Profit is the bottom line.


Of these five industries Tobacco is the least “technical.”  However I know people addicted to cigarettes and even if cigarettes were $100 a pack people would still buy them.

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