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Jun 18 2012

5 Elements of a Viral Video

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We’ve mentioned before how everyone wants to be famous. Doesn’t matter if it’s Jay-Z famous, or just the flavor of the week famous, for some reason, people love the limelight. Guess you can’t blame them though? In some cases, the right person sees you, and all of a sudden, “POOF”, you’re “discovered!”

One quick and easy way to get attention is by turning the that little camera on your computer or phone, and instantly posting something on YouTube. Make a complete ass out of yourself enough, and people will share it like crazy. It’s like a damn epidemic that just keeps spreading.

With that in mind, we’re giving you the elements to help you get over the hump. While Hollywood may say you’re not thin or pretty enough, the internet God’s say you’re plenty hilarious to gain stardom, you just need to know how to!

Always Be Alone

Most people who truly want to make it in the viral world know: It’s all about going solo. It’s great to get your friends involved, but it’s tougher to get someone else to be completely insane as you want to be. Your best bet is typically to film something while alone in your bedroom, lights dim, and somewhat hush hush to preserve your privacy. The last thing you want is a sibling or parent to bust in on your performance.

Have Some Talent

Anyone who thinks they can jump in their car and make funny faces to get big is just stupid. Anyone can do that bull, so why would anyone want to watch you do it? Nope, the trick is to display something you do just a little bit more extraordinary than normal people. That could be singing a song – whether good or really bad – to drawing something that people think is either amazing and/or funny.

It’s Got To Be a Little Embarrassing

We said it has to be something you’re talented in, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring and phenomenal. You have to make it a little off-beat in order to separate yourselves from the pack. There’s been millions of  parodies of “Evolution of Dance,” but why should anyone watch yours over the others? Because you make a little bit more of an ass out of yourself, while still actually showing some moves.

Don’t Overthink It

The internet’s like Mount Everest – people have attempted it, but not everyone’s survived it. Now before you freak out, just keep in mind that you’re not doing brain surgery here – just keep it simple. There’s a tried and true way to go about things, so trying to sing a song while trying to train your dog to dance to it, isn’t exactly the most efficient way to do that. Pick one or the other, but never both.

Share It, Own It

If you did it right, you’ll definitely get plenty of rolled eyes and jabs tossed your way, but trust us, it’s jealousy. You think Rebecca Black didn’t catch heat for her miserable video? Of course she did. Poor girl probably lost some killer social points for it. But she’s laughing all the way to the bank now, thanks to morons like us who just couldn’t get enough of it. We’re guessing she even passed it around to people once it started getting big – which is the way to do it. More eyeballs, more success!

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