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Jun 15 2012

Five Amazing Spots Criminals Have Hidden from Police

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Considering the state our country is in right now you’d be very surprised to see what some people do to actually try and make it into here.   I mean what’s so great about us that you’d actually stuff yourself in a trunk just to struggle in the United States?  I guess that’s one instance of nutty hiding.

Another?  People are just either really stupid or really creative.   You’ll be amazed at what some of these people did to hide from the authorities…..

Thanks to Oddee for these finds

Turning Oneself into a Car Seat

Trying to get into a country but you don’t have a green card?  No problem!  Just use some technology and turn yourself into a car seat.  Yes, that’s exactly what one illegal immigrant did trying to get in from Mexico.   Question.  How in the hell did this guy manage to breathe?

Inside a Suitcase

Alleged thief Krzysztof Grzegorz, 29, decided to pack himself into a suitcase so he could fly on the cargo plane and steal items from other passengers’ bags.  Apparently the dude was some kind of contortionist.   The only other scenario I would see working is if it was a child or a little person.   Seems like an awful lot of effort to steal items which he might not have even known about.  Like what if it were a cargo plane full of bananas?

Becoming a Hill

This Pacific Northwest man Gregory Liascos didn’t hide on a hill; he became a hill. Dressing up in a moss/grass-like ghillie suit, police say he blended in with the outdoors in Oregon in his plan to steal a huge piece of gold from within the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals. He apparently wanted to become one with nature.

Inside a Refrigerator

This has got to win the award for the dumbest hiding place in the history of the world.   I mean granted I sure as hell wouldn’t look for someone in a fridge but are you kidding me? A wanted Lancaster County man Calvin Williams refused to surrender to police, so he was forced into custody by a police K-9.  The 33 year old fugitive was hiding in a hotel room with his wife and two young children. When police knocked down the door, they couldn’t find the man, but sure enough a police K-9 did….in the refrigerator.

Under the Hood of an Operating Vehicle

OK I get hiding in a trunk.  I understand trying to make yourself into a seat.   But how in the hell can you be inside an engine? Some people will do anything to cross the border from Mexico into the United States, even if it means getting cozy with electrifying spark plugs, hot pumping pistons and burning gasoline, all in the engine of a running vehicle. Talk about a motorhead.

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