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Jun 13 2012

Beer Chugging Videos That Will Leave You Impressed

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It’s amazing how only 10 years can make a huge difference in one’s life.   A decade ago I actually cared how fast I could chug a beer.   A decade ago I was actually able to party until the wee hours of the morning and the do it all the next day.   A decade ago nothing really mattered.

Today?  Today life throws me curves every single day.  Today I can’t party like I used to nor do I want to.  Today I’m having a tough time simply making it through today.   However, I did come across these pretty interesting beer chugging videos that make me long for those old days.

Check them out after the jump…..

The Beer Chugging Deer Hunter

Apparently this guy was bored sitting around waiting for deer so he opened a beer with his teeth and chugged it.   How did he not cut himself?

Three and a Quarter in 8 Seconds

This may not look that impressive because it almost seems like he’s only doing one beer.   But this is nearly 40 ounces he’s taking down.

Sweden Knows How to Do It

World record 33cl bottle beer chug 3.298 seconds in Gothenburg Sweden set by Toulouse. The bottles liquid mustn’t exceed 5 cl a minute after the chug for a clean time without added time.  How did the beer come out fast enough?

The World’s Fastest Guinness Drinker

This is disgusting.  I don’t know how one could even get half of this down.

Female has got Skills

To be honest I’ve never seen a woman take down a beer like this and she’s actually kind of hot.

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