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Jun 12 2012

Why the West Coast is the Best Coast

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We’ve gone all week pretty much bragging about our trip to San Francisco, and while we apologize for acting like schoolboys seeing a training bra for the first time, we hope you understand our giddiness. Not only did we drive through nine different states in a span of 36 hours, but once we got to Cali, we surfed for the first time, ran the Golden Gate Bridge, and saw some serious ass along the way.

If the city by the bay isn’t your type of whisky, we understand, but might we suggest checking out some of the other cities this coast has to offer? If the sun, warm weather and laid-back lifestyle isn’t enough – not to mention Cali Girls – here are some other reasons why we really think the West was won!

The Girls

Hot Damn! Yes, it’s pretty clear why beautiful people seemingly come from the West Coast – they’re all insanely hot with style to burn. In the past year, we’ve been fortunate enough to party in London, Paris, and Barcelona – among others – and can honestly say while those cities women offer an exotic feel, San Francisco’s offer just as much; yet you can actually understand what the hell they’re saying here!

The Weather

Though we were told it wasn’t typical to have this warm of weather in mid-June, one can’t argue with cool enough days to walk around and not feel like you’re in a damn sauna, while still catching some serious rays. Anytime we can throw on a tee and khakis, we’re totally cool with it.

The Beach

Coming from the South, we’re not really used to literally having the best of both worlds. Want the city, money-hungry professionals one block? Enter if you dare. But if you want to relax with a brew and some sand, take an extra block and head towards the beach, where you’ll see joggers, bikers, and plenty of girls wearing yoga pants walking their dogs. Besides that, it’s the beach, we feel like that should be enough to get you to go.

The Partying

Now we’re not saying other places don’t know how to get weird, but it just seems that for all the other factors we’ve listed above, people tend to be in much better moods while hitting the town. This also leads to a lot more chicks tossing their inhibitions to the wall, thus more willing to shack at your place.

The Time Zone

It took us baring through a couple 5am mornings thanks to the sun and time change, but by the third day, we were loving every bit of the PST. There’s nothing better than rolling out of bed to start work around 9:30am, knowing all your East Coast friends are just heading back from lunch, and have been at it all day. By the time they actually call it a day, you’ve only got a couple more hours of work, yet still five more hours worth of sunlight to do whatever you want. It goes without saying how much more fun it makes drunk dialing people too. Just glorious!

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