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Jun 11 2012

Ten Rap Songs from the 90s That Make Me Miss Rap

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I feel like one of those old men who says “you kids don’t know music, back in my day, that was real music baby!”   But I can’t help it.   The state of music today baffles me.   And honestly I know that if I grew up with today’s music I probably wouldn’t agree.  But that’s not the case so I think I’m entitled to bitch about it.

Anyway, one genre of music that I really miss is rap.  I mean does rap even exist anymore?  It’s really all hip hop these days and flat out rap is just so different than it ever used to be.   Personally my favorite rap decade was the 90s.    We saw guys like Snoop Dogg and House of Pain become huge.   Yes I know WuTang and Biggy and all the others too.   Just saying.

Anyway, here are 10 tunes that I’ll always love and that will always make me nostalgic for 90s rap.

The Humpty Dance – Digital Underground

One of the best rap songs of all time in my opiion

This or That – Black Sheep

A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing still remains one of my favorite rap albums of all time and this was by far the biggest hit on it.

M.E.T.H.O.D. Man – WuTang Clan

I could also go with Bring the Pain but I had to go with this one.  I feel like this was their first commercially big one.

Jump Around – House of Pain

Come on.  How could I not put a House of Pain song on here? Personally I think “Same as it Ever Was” is the best rap album ever.

Anything by Snoop Dogg

Nothing but a G Thing, Gin and Juice, Let me Ride.   Honestly just take your pick.

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