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Jun 08 2012

5 Mistakes Guys Make in Bed

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It can happen to the best of all dudes, you’re with a smokin’ chick, and as things are getting hot and heavy, she’s giving Meg Ryan a run for her money; arching her back and groaning, but… the big moment isn’t happening. It’s an awful feeling, knowing she’s trying to pull a fast one on you.

Since we care about your well-being, and want you to have the best sex possible, we thought we’d give you a couple mistakes dudes really need to avoid while in the sack . If you make a few small changes, we’re sure you’ll get her over the edge, every time.

Never Assume

What worked for the last chick will definitely not apply to your current bedmate. Guys are notorious for thinking that if they did a great job getting one chick off – let’s say with a long oral session – that the same moves will work with another hottie. The reality is that no two women like the exact same thing. Discovering what your new gal likes is part of the fun. So wipe the slate clean! Time to play the game of trial and error, and you’ll score serious bonus pointsif you make the game last a long time.

She Might Need Some Assistance

Yes, that means battery operated assistance. Many women can’t get to the big O without having a buzz first. We’re not talking about drinks here. If she needs a buzzing buddy, consider it your partner in crime. There’s nothing wrong with bringing a toy into the bedroom, and we’re don’t count your tongue as a toy, bro.

Don’t Forget to Keep it Wet

Your honey can be mad turned on, and still be, well, lacking in the slip and slide department. That’s where you insist on using lube. You’ll avoid rookie status and help her reach bliss. Yes, we just suggested using lube, what has this world come to?

Pay Attention to Her Hot Button

Damn it feels good to thrust inside her. A little slice of heaven, right? Well, just because that move gets your rocks off doesn’t mean it works for her. Before we go into a full-fledged anatomy lesson, let us get right to the point: Most chicks need that bean tapped and stimulated. If you don’t know where it is, go ahead and ask for directions. Google it. Find that sweet spot by all means possible, give it some attention, and reap the rewards later.

Strong and Silent Type?

If you’re not making a peep between the sheets, your lady may assume that something is wrong, or that she’s on the wrong track. Part of being a dude is to getting a little rowdy between the sheets, so go ahead and avoid being a Silent Tom. You like a little encouragement, so by all means, let the groaning and moaning begin. After all, we ain’t nothin but mammals.

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