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Jun 07 2012

Five Times When Peeing Sitting Down is OK for a Male

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As a male there are plenty of things that separate us from our female counterparts.  On a physical level, the main differences are in both our genitalia as well as the size of our body parts.   And because of these differences we tend to do some physical things in life a little bit differently.

Some men lift heavier things than women.  Some women can get into those thin cracks that men can’t, etc etc.   Another huge difference?  How we go to the bathroom.   Men stand up.  Women sit down.   But to all you men out there, is peeing sitting down all that bad or looked down upon?

I don’t think it should be.  Here are five examples of when peeing sitting down is more than fine to do…..

If it’s the Middle of the Night

Most of us over the age of 30 have at least one instance where we have to piss in the middle of the night.   The last thing I ever want to do when I’m practically sleepwalking is turn on a light.   So I always walk into the bathroom, guide myself by the dustbuster charger light, and sit on the toilet to do my business.  There’s just no way I’m standing up otherwise I might not fall back to sleep when I get back into bed.

After you’ve just had sex

Every guy can relate to this one.   9 times out of 10 after you’ve had an orgasm, when you piss you miss the bowl.  I don’t know if it’s because there’s a little discharge still left or what but it always happens.    Rather than risk missing the bowl entirely, pop a squat and you won’t have this issue.

When you’re that tired

Sometimes you just can’t stand up.  It’s that simple.   That’s the point of having a seat on the toilet fellas.   Well that and for when you take a dump.  Seriously though, if you’re that tired take a seat.   Wouldn’t you sit normally if you were tired?  Why stand up to piss when there’s a seat right there?

When You’re Going Number 2

Hey this one’s obvious but it had to be stated.   If you’re dropping a deuce then obviously you’ll be peeing sitting down.


This is another obvious one but it’s important to note.





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