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Jun 06 2012

10 Real Names of Celebrities That Might Surprise You

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I personally don’t think I’d have the chops to make in Hollywood.   I can admit that now.  While I’d love to be famous I’m just not sure I would like the life.   There’s just too much responsibility to other people who you don’t even know.  Not to mention you got people following you around all the time.

It’s like every little thing you do is monitored and every single small thing counts in a big big way.   From the clothes you wear, to the pounds you weigh, even down to your name.  Yes, you’re name.   That’s how much pressure there is.  So much that people change their names so they can be more “Hollywood.”

Check out these 10 real names of celebrities that might surprise you…..

Thanks to Ranker for these names

Michael Caine – Maurice Micklewhite

I never would have pegged Caine as having a name as weird as this.  Then again, it kind of fits his looks and voice.   Sounds like a butler.

Gene Simmons – Chaim Witz

Hell I’m Jewish and I can even say “wow that’s Jewish.”

Albert Brooks – Albert Einstein

Can you believe the balls on his parents?  Really guys?  That’s not cool.

Stevie Wonder – Steveland Judkins

I mean you kind of have to figure that “Wonder” wasn’t a real name but Steveland is in fact real?   That’s weird.

Kirk Douglas – Issur Danielovitch Densky

Had no clue the Douglas family was made up.

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