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Jun 05 2012

Five Significant Weekend Changes Since Graduating College

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If there’s one constant in life, it’s that in the few decades I’ve actually been around it’s that in every week that goes by we’re all always looking forward to the weekend.   Whether we’re kids at school and waiting it out for two days off, stuck in our cubicles just hoping that Friday will come, or sitting around in class at college thinking about the damage you’re going to do, we all crave the weekends.

However, in different phases of our lives, weekends take on completely different meanings.   Granted we still always look forward to weekends, it’s just that nowadays weekends are used for completely different purposes than before.

These are five big weekend changes I’ve noticed since college….

Weekends Are More Geared Towards “Productivity”

Don’t get me wrong.  Weekends are still relaxing.  They are still for partying.   We can still let loose on weekends.  However, weekends are generally viewed as a time to “get things done.”   Think about it.  Wanna play golf?  Can’t usually do it during the week right?  How about doing your groceries?   Nope.  Gotta be done on weekends.   Most things that we want to do during the week but don’t have time to are done on weekends.   And the older you get, the busier your weekdays get.   So you have to squeeze it all in on a weekend.

Waking Up Early is Actually Preferred

Falling right in line with the whole productivity thing is waking up earlier.   Those people who are parents have said goodbye to sleeping in a long time ago.   But folks like me, who aren’t necessarily in the parent wagon quite yet can find comfort in waking up a tad earlier on weekends.   I for one get up at around 8am.   It’s at these times when stores are less crowded, and roads are emptier.   You bang out your errands until 10 or 11 and then your weekend becomes a real weekend to do whatever you wish.  Just a few hours makes a big different.

Weekends are No Longer Mine Nor Ever Will Be

If you’re in a relationship you rarely if ever have a weekend that is your own anymore.  In fact the older you get and more family that comes into your life, sitting around and doing nothing doesn’t exist anymore.   In college that was your life on weekends.   In the real world?  Good luck.  And once you’re a parent?  I’d say you’ll get a free weekend once or twice a year at best.

They Seem Way Way Shorter Than Ever

Just as life moves faster with every passing year, weekends move even faster.   I don’t know how much more of it I can take.   You wake up on a Saturday morning and it’s like over.   I can’t stand it.   Why can’t the work week just be four days instead of five.   Would it really kill us if that were the case?

A Wasted Weekend Really Screws You Up Now

It used to be that doing nothing on weekends was what life was all about.   Now I feel like if I don’t do anything on a weekend I’m basically screwing myself over.   Every errand you put off.  Every task you forget to do just piles on into the next weekend.  And before you know it, weekends are more pressure packed then weekdays.    That’s no good.

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  • http://tech-wonders.blogspot.com/ bobby

    I’ve to agree with you weekend changes to an extent. I think as the life moves on, changes (in weekends or weekdays) are meant do some good and add value to our life if they are changes we ourselves made in our lovely life with awareness. But if the changes are imposed on us then it feels like a burden sooner or later. Spending some time in a place as peaceful and blue as a beach is good anytime.



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