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Jun 04 2012

Five Amazing Non-Traditional Pizza Slice Types

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I’ll never forget the first time I tried a White slice of Pizza.   At the time I couldn’t believe there was something out there other than Sicilian or just a regular plain cheese slice.    This was about 20 or so years ago.   Since then?   Well I’m sure you know the gourmet slice has become mainstream.

And given I have extensive experience as a delivery guy for one of the best Pizza joints in the country I’ve become quite familiar with gourmet slices over the years.   I decided to select five types of slices that seem to always crop up again and again in the conversation of “what’s your favorite slice other than regular?”

Face it.  Nowadays if a pizza place only serves plain and Sicilian you’re probably going to think about ordering somewhere else.   Hopefully they’ll have one of these five slices….

Buffalo Wing/Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Of all the gourmet slices out there I feel like this was one of the first.   And I’m sure most people saw one of these slices and got pretty nauseous.  I mean how could you put buffalo chicken on a pizza slice?  Yuck!   Yeah well it turns out it was pretty good and come Superbowl time this is one of the most popular orders in town.

Chicken Honey Dijon Pizza

This may sound gross.   When you think of Dijon you think of mustard.  However, this is not the case.   A honey dijon slice is sweet with no sour whatsoever.   There’s a ton of chicken on it and you really only need to order one slice and it will definitely fill you up a great deal.

Shrimp Scampi Pizza

Garlic naturally goes well with any slice and a shrimp scampi dish is loaded with garlic.  Sprinkle in some traditional mozzarella and you’ve got yourself one hell of a slice.

Baked Ziti Pizza

As if you couldn’t live with more carbs.    Bread on top of bread on top of cheese, pasta, cheese, cheese, and more cheese.  Still though, it’s convenient to be able to pick up your baked ziti, don’t you think?

Artichoke Pizza

I personally don’t like it but it’s become one of the most popular slices in New York City.  And it pretty tough to argue with New York Pizza.

*Grandma and Grandpa slices are a little too much like regular and Sicilian so I didn’t include them.   Got a favorite not on here?  Shoot it off in the comments.




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2 responses so far

  • Frank

    If you’re ever in Santa Cruz, go to Pizza My Heart and try the clam and garlic pizza. You won’t regret it

    • Natty

      I’ll have to give it a try Frank. Thanks.



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