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Jun 01 2012

5 Things We Think Will Make Us Happy But Usually Don’t

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I’m no doctor.  I’m not a psychotherapist.   But I have dabbled on the subject of happiness in my life.   Hell we’ve read plenty of articles on things that make us happy but there’s no reason there can’t be more.  Hell if anything I’m writing this to remind myself of some truths in life.   Truths that even I fall victim into not believing.

So when it comes to your happinesl, don’t get trapped into thinking these five things get us anywhere closer to it……

Being Rich

Money can only get you so far.   You see when people say “money can’t buy happiness” it’s not totally true.  It really depends on what you’re using that money on.   If you’re using it to get a massage then that’s one thing.  If you’re using it to buy a car because you think you’ll get women or have a better sense of self worth then you’re an idiot.   Money and being rich financially will most assuredly not make you happy but doing what’s right for you probably will.

Being Famous

Lots of people talk about being famous.  I know I do.  Being famous usually leads to fun things like money, women (or men), attention, and about 1000 other things.   But being famous has its price.   You’d be surprised at the life famous people lead.   Zero privacy.   People up their asses all the time and a tremendous amount of pressure to act and be a certain way.   It’s often a harder life than people could imagine.

Being “Perfect”

When I say perfect I mean that you set a goal for yourself or want things a certain way and you get them.   When you achieve that sense of “perfection” it inevitably leads to much much higher standards.    There’s nothing wrong with striving for the best.   But striving for perfection will often put you out of balance and touch with what life really is:  a road with a ton of bumps.    Embrace the bumps.   Don’t expect a smooth line all the time.

Having Every Possession we Desire

This is the material things side of the argument.   You might think a nice coat of paint on your house will do wonders for your well being but you’d be kidding yourself.   A fancy car can only make you feel like a badass for so long.   Material things are good for material needs but rarely if ever cut to the core of who you are and what can make you happy.


Man I wish I was wrong about this one but I’m not.   Why is it that every marriage sees a sex life dwindle?  It’s because what really keeps people together is intimacy.  Granted sex feels great but it doesn’t make you a happier person.  It definitely does for a few moments but ultimately if you’re just having sex all the time, you’ll eventually want more.  It’s just how we’re wired.

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