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May 31 2012

Eight Crazy Things Found in Abandoned Luggage

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So you’re going on a plane and you pack what you’d normally pack.  I mean what’s the weirdest thing you’d take on a plane.  A vibrator?  And that’s not even weird.  Typically if we lose items on a plane we’re concerned that our iPads or laptops or phones might be missing.   We’re not concerned about turtles or military GPS systems.   However, some people like to take some nutty things on their plane rides.

These obscure items all were found in lost or abandoned bags at airports around the world or at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama. Bags that go unclaimed after 90 days are sold by airlines and sent to this massive compound in the south where the items within are sorted, cleaned and resold at prices 30-80% below retail.

Check out some of the crazy stuff after the jump….

Thanks to Ranker for these finds

40.95 Carat Emerald

What in the hell is one of these things doing in an unclaimed luggage area?  Are you kidding me?  By the way it’s worth about 25 grand.   Good God.

A Barbie Doll Stuffed with Money

Apparently someone stuffed $500 in the head.   How the hell do you get it in there?

A Canadian Goose

Why the hell would you stuff one of these into your bag.  Isn’t that animal cruelty?

$1 Million Bucks

You know in the movies when the bad guys carry around suitcases full of money then something completely predictable happens and they flub up the big drop? That’s about the story that led to someone finding a cool million in a suitcase in Australia.

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