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May 30 2012

Stupid Things I Did in High School: Not Say Hello To People in the Halls

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This is a new series I’d like to call to your attention.   In the last few weeks I’ve had some recollections about my high school experience and there are some things that I completely regret.   Granted high school was a great time.  But when you really think about it, how stupid were you?

I mean if you had the brain you have right now only then?  Think about how amazing your experience could have been.   Which is why I felt it was important to have this new segment called “Stupid Things I Did in High School.”   The first one that comes to mind is something we were all guilty of and something that was as dumb as dumb could be:  not saying hello to people in the halls.

For some reason, to gauge your popularity, status, whatever the hell it is, you engage in natural selection of people to say hello to in the halls.   Why?  Why in the hell did this ever go on?   And did you ever notice that there were some people you used to say hello to in the hallway and then all of a sudden stopped saying hello to?

Or how about people who you never used to say hello to and then started up the hello train?   Do you realize how mean this is?  I mean could you ever imagine doing this today?  Think about someone in your neighborhood that you sort of know is a dork coming up to you and saying hello.  Do you just walk by them without even flinching?  I mean that’s enough to get ostracized from your entire community.   Hell if someone did that to me in an apartment building I’d want their ass kicked out.

It just goes to show how unbelievably harsh people can be in high school.  To have the audacity to basically say “I’m much better than you and you don’t even deserve my acknowledgement even though you’re just being nice” is a right that no person should have.  It’s one thing if you’re enemies.  It’s another when someone is just trying to be nice.

So to all you dickhead high schoolers out there.   When someone is saying hello, it doesn’t mean you have to be their friend.  It just means they’re saying hello.  So say it back will ya?

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