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May 30 2012

Reasons to Love and Hate LeBron James

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We grew up in Northeastern Ohio, so if you put the title of this post together with a Cleveland sports fan’s angst, well, you can probably tell this won’t end well for Bron Bron.

Although we absolutely despise everything to do with “The Prince,” there was a time when we found everything he did to be great – minus the whole falling flat in big games thing. And since we can’t deny that he’s an absolute freak, and he seems to be getting closer to capturing his first title, we figured to give you the good and bad of him.

Whether or not you like the dude, here are some reasons to help pass judgement on him. For the record, we’re never changing our minds on this tool.

He Screwed Cleveland

For anyone who defends his “Decision” to move to South Beach, shame on you. We could care less about him leaving, but it’s how he left that had us in an uproar. For someone to think he’s bigger than a city – not to mention every single player in the league by the way he did it – is pretty low. His antics and accommodations were crazy while in Cleveland, so this was kind of the icing on top of the cake.

He’s The Greatest Player on the Planet

For as arrogant and shallow as he is, LBJ is hands-down the sickest person in the world with a basketball in his hands. We’re big on the Mamba, and it most be noted that Kobe’s the closest thing to Jordan we’ve ever seen, but when LeBron applies himself and wants to take over, there’s honestly no stopping him. We’ll never like him, but damnit we’ll appreciate all the MVP’s and sick dunks – just as long as he never gets that title!

His Postgame Press Conferences

He seriously has no personality after the Heat blow one. We get it: He’s pissed that they lost, but how many times can he say, “I love competing at the highest level,” and, “As the leader of my team, I take responsibility for this one tonight?” We all know he’s a giant kid at heart, so why not be himself and act the same either way? We’re guessing people will start liking him a lot more – which, let’s be honest, is what he really wants anyway.

His Popularity

Since he left for Miami, Bron actually seems to have gotten less attention than he did in Cleveland. Not sure if it’s because he’s playing alongside other big names, or that no one honestly cares what the Heat does till they win a title, but we miss the old LeBron. He got off to such a good start with all the “LeBron’s” commercials, where he got to show his funny side and creativity. Now we get stuck with “It’s all business” LeBron, and have to sit through those miserable commercials that make us as awkward as we were during our first middle school dance.

His Failures

This is a push. If you love him, you’re pissed off when he tanks free throws in the playoffs – which everyone knows he’s going to do, including himself. If you hate him, well, you couldn’t be happier seeing him walk off the court, head down, questions abound about his role as a closer. On a positive note, when he does fail, there’s no one on the planet that’s more popular than him, so we guess he’s got that going for him…?

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