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May 29 2012

Five Television Shows It’s Hard to Believe Lasted This Long

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There’s a reason that a television show doesn’t generally last more than a few seasons let alone a decade.   It’s extremely difficult to keep the viewer interested.   Usually in season one you get a feel for the show and the characters.  You realize right off the bat whether or not you like the show.   Season 2 can get more established and you can actually enjoy the show more than simply judge and get used to it.   But after season 2 it takes a lot of effort to keep me interested.

It’s like you know what’s going on and you need something new.   It’s hard to keep that “newness” with the same story and characters year after year.   That’s why you really have to hand it to shows that last over 5 years.   Speaking of which, here are five shows I’m completely surprised lasted this long…..


This show lasted 8 seasons?  That’s 3 or 4 more than it probably should have.  Funny thing is that I was one of the biggest supporters of the show.   Frankly it was my favorite show for a long time.  But like any other program, sustainability is an issue.  And there are only so many cases House can solve.   And when that got old they brought on hotter, newer stars to surround Hugh Laurie. And when that got old they had House committed, thrown in jail, and whatever else he went through.  The first three seasons were awesome but the last 3 have been nearly silly.   Hell I practically didn’t know the show was still on.

Grey’s Anatomy

Here’s another show that’s in season 8.   Honestly I had to look this up.  I was pretty sure the show ended at least 3 years ago.   This is one of those shows where every single person starring in the show will have absolutely no career once the show stops.   I mean there’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s just my prediction.  But like House, how many patients can you fix?  How much more drama can you have between co-workers?  It gets old.

Desperate Housewives

Really?  Eight seasons?  How is this possible?  Housewives just ended a couple of weeks ago and I don’t know who the hell watches it.   I know that I even gave the show a chance in season one.   Every guy was in love with Eva Longoria and Teri Hatcher when the show first started.   But over the years it’s morphed into the most psychotic suburb in America.  I mean how many murders and cover ups can you possibly have?  How much can you squeeze into one town?  It gets old and the older it gets the stupider they had to make the show.

The Office

This show is an official embarrassment right now.   Again, in season eight.  Are we seeing a pattern here?   I actually liked The Office when Steve Carell left…for a bit.  Spader has done an admirable job as the head honcho.  The dynamic between Jim and Dwight has held up.   But lately the show just gets dumber and dumber.   That red headed British woman could be the worst thing on television altogether.  And why is Pam even on the show?  I just can’t see this show lasting another year but somehow I predict it’ll make it to 10 seasons.

The Jersey Shore

It seems they just keep signing on for more and more seasons and paying the cast more and more money.   What is going on here?  Season One was amazing.  I don’t think anyone could deny that.   Even season 2 had it’s fun parts.  But after that I think most of us got pretty bored.  And yet the show is still on not to mention Snookie and JWOWW have their own show now?  What kind of society do we live in?



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