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May 28 2012

Five Great Hall of Fame Sports Speeches You Should Check Out

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Emotions are a difficult thing in sports.   When you’re on the field you’re really supposed to keep your emotions in check.   Clearly there are exceptions.   If you score a touchdown, hit a home run, win a crucial game, or whatever it might be, there’s always a time and place to let those emotions run wild.

But for the most part, athletes are supposed to be calm, collected, and go about their business.   Again though, this is on the field.  Off the field?  Rarely do we get a glimpse into the mind of an athlete.  We only know what we see on the field.  So it’s nice to see when an athlete appears “human.”

Perhaps no time is better than when they receive an award and have to give an acceptance speech.  Here are five hall of fame sports speeches you need to hear…..

Michael Irvin’s Hall of Fame Speech


Irvin might have had plenty of problems off the field but clearly his career on the football field earned him the right to give this speech.   And he definitely nailed it.

Emmitt Smith’s Hall of Fame Speech


This guy really loves Daryl Johnston.

Darrell Green’s Hall of Fame Speech

You bet your life I’m gonna cry.

John Stockton’s Hall of Fame Speech

John Stockton was never much for showing his personality, but take a look as he makes some jokes during his 2009 Hall of Fame Speech

Coach K’s Hall of Fame Speech

One of the best coaches of all time.

*I have to mention Jim Valvano’s “Don’t Ever Give Up” speech even though it was at the ESPY’s.

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