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May 25 2012

The Hottest Things a Girl Can Wear

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Let’s first get this out of the way: There’s very little most ladies don’t look good in. Unless you’re someone who thinks orthopedic walking shoes and long skirts is hot, you probably agree with us.

Sitting at a local coffee shop yesterday, we noticed a chick walk in wearing something that absolutely blew our mind. It wasn’t even that the girl was an absolute bombshell, she was pretty average actually, but her outfit bumped her up at least two points.

Since we’re dudes, we don’t even want to attempt embarrassing ourselves describing it, so we just figured it’d be easiest to compile a list of things that you should keep an eye out for. Hopefully after reading this post, you’ll pay attention to everything we’re about to mention, while appreciating just how hot girls can be – as if you didn’t already.

Backback Strap In-Between Her Boobs

It just accents their entire chestal region, and we really think it’s unfair when they do it. As if they don’t know every single dude in the place is staring at them? It’d be like us walking around wearing a banana hammock just because we could – except on a much less-sexy level. Regardless, you girls know exactly what you’re doing, so thank you for letting us gawk.

Jean Shorts

Alright, this is just classic. When we actually “grow up” one day, all we want our wife to wear is jean shorts around the house. Some chicks may prefer lounging around in pajama pants or sweats, but we’re holding out till we find one that’s cool with our request. There’s nothing that we’d rather rip off them than some denim, so thank God it’s the summer time, and girls will be wearing them more often.


Although we’d prefer girls wouldn’t tease us so much with these details, when you’re brushing your teeth before hitting the sack, what better to see reflected in the mirror than your chick sprawled out on the bed wearing some sexy piece of lace, or hot booty shorts? When we see that going on, we know neither one of us will be getting much sleep that night.


We’re not sure what it is about these shades that makes every girl look incredibly hot? Just like Wayfarers are the go-to for every dude, these are the jam for girls. We know they’re classic, but you’d think that if cops wear them, that girls wouldn’t even want to touch the things. Fortunately though, they do, and for that, we can’t help but stare when someone’s around that’s rocking’ ‘em.

Tied, Button-Down Shirt

Jesus! Are you kidding me? Very few girls can actually pull this off, but when you find one that can, every dude that can cop a look is in luck. It’s unfair how sexy it is. Accents the boobs, shows off the stomach, and even lets their legs somehow look good – as long as their wearing shorts. How many times do you think you’d get caught looking up and down at a bombshell wearing this? We’d say over 20.

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