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May 24 2012

Six Incredibly Awesome 80s Comedy Villains

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I don’t know how old the majority of you are reading this site.  I would think most of you are in your 20s and early 30s.   At least that’s what I’m hoping.  And hell if there are those of you that are older then great.   For the younger crowd unfortunately you might not get these references but I sure as hell hope that you go out and watch these movies.

I can’t tell you how much I miss the 80s comedy.   They were all dumb yet brilliant in their own rights.   They were all cheesy.   They all had ridiculous one liners and most of them had sexual undertones which kicked ass.   They also had great characters.

And today I want to focus on villains specifically.   Here are my six favorite 80s comedy villains…..

Greg Tolan – Just One of the Guys

Played by perhaps one of the best 80s villains of all time (William Zabka), Greg Tolan is the amazingly cocky, “buff” workout freak of a villain in this completely underrated 80s classic.   Tolan constantly pushes around Terry and Rick and wants nothing more than to be a total pain in the ass.   He’s best known for bench pressing lunch tables and giving wedgies.   He also wears incredible docksider shoes with jeans.

Teddy Beckerstead – One Crazy Summer

Easily one of my favorite 80s comedy villains of all time.   Teddy is heir to the Beckerstead fortune of Lobster Restaurants.   He absolutely loathes the possibility of ever working a day in his life.  His passion is his Ferrari and picking on the Stork Twins.   And he treats his girlfriend Cookie like total shit.   The dude is awesome.

Roy Stalin – Better off Dead

First of all, his name.  It’s by far the best name on this entire list.  Secondly, Stalin prides himself on being able to ski the K-12 and picking on Lane Meyer (also stealing his girlfriend in the beginning of the movie).   He plays a horrible guitar and he has a couple of lame skiing cohorts to go along with him.

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