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May 23 2012

Wednesdays Wash: Melissa Giraldo Starts It, Creepy Sitcom Characters, and The Best GIF Ever

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For whatever reason it’s been a while since we posted anything with Melissa Giraldo and for that I apologize.   I just get so wrapped up in myself I don’t know what to say.  OK,  I really don’t get wrapped up in anything.  I just haven’t seen Melissa in a while.  Thank you.

The Wash

The most unintentionally creepy sitcom characters – [Cracked]

Gina Carano will forever be with us for this here GIF – [Unathletic]

Where I go for awesome lady pictures – [Bullz-Eye]

I’m wondering when they’ll update this site again – [Flisted]

One of my favorite sites all over the web – [Holytaco]

If you need guy stuff these are probably your dudes – [Guyism]

I do like the picture galleries at this site – [The Chive]

If you want awesome celebrity pictures then go here – [Moejackson]

These guys know how to find weird pictures of stuff – [Izismile]

Oh just when you’ve had enough of the women they do this – [TC Mag]

The women on this site are reason enough to bed – [DJ Mick]

I like the random selection of wacky videos – [Don Chavez]

Some of the weirdest but most awesome stuff on the net – [Oddee]

I like the way these guys choose their women – [Extramustard]

Come on, do I need an explanation here? – [Collegehumor]

Easily the best place to find sexy lady athlete lists – [Bleacherreport]

I miss the material these guys put up every day – [Bannedinhollywood]

When you need awesome photo galleries go here – [Acidcow]

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