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May 21 2012

Six Tips When Meeting Her Parents for the First Time for Dinner

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It’s not that having a relationship with her parents is imperative to having a relationship with her, but it sure as hell helps.  There’s just no way of denying that.   And I for one love charming the pants off of people so it’s a fun little game anyway.  But if you’re meeting her parents for the first time, you might need some pointers.

Now these are somewhat specific to the situation where all of you are going out for dinner.  Still though, there are some tips in here that are appropriate no matter what the situation.

So let’s dive right in….

Speak when Spoken To

At this point in the relationship you don’t even have a relationship with the parents.   So your best bet is to keep your mouth shut so you don’t say anything stupid.  My suggestion is to most likely speak as little as possible unless you’re really smart and you’re very experienced at this.  But most people are dumb so less is better.  Keep the answers short, sweet, and look them in the eye.   Try not to pass off your opinions.   Hell if you can say “yes” and “no” you’re probably better off.

Absolutely Zero PDA

Don’t even kiss her on the cheek and for God’s sakes do not put your hand anywhere near her leg.    You think Dad wants visions of you violating his daughter?  You’d be surprised at how many morons have their arms wrapped around their girls and they’ve never even met the parents before.   You gotta get on a serious good side first.   Hell I wouldn’t even hold hands.

Get on Dad’s Good Side

Look, you don’t necessarily want to be best friends with the guy but it’s usually better to get on Dad’s good side than Mom’s.   Just get along enough so the guy doesn’t hate you and so that he can potentially accept you as one of his own.  Well maybe not that far but you know what I mean.   If you’re too close it might freak out your lady and make her jealous.

Be Prepared in Advance

Ask questions, tons of questions.   Hell that’s what your girlfriend is for.   This is an exam that you’re allowed to cheat on so take advantage.   “Oh I didn’t know you loved the Yankees!”   Making a few comments like that but not a ton can put you in an advantageous position.

Treat Your Lady Like Gold

Be polite.  Be nice.   Ask your woman questions.   Treat her like the princess that her parents thinks she is.   You can talk all the garbage you want when you get home but at this dinner, she is way more important than anything else in your life.

Manners are a Given

Everything you ever do at home when eating alone?  Don’t do it here.   Ever.   Watch a video on dinner etiquette if you have to.   Just don’t be the moron who is a slob and eats to fast.  Or the guy who takes an ice cube out of a glass with his bare hands.

Good Luck!



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