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May 17 2012

Five Annoying Buzzkills After You Get Your Car Washed

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Getting my car washed is one of those awesome feelings that I get in the world.  It’s hard to describe but it’s kind of like the feeling you get when all your laundry is finally folded and put away.   There are some things in life that you put off doing and when they’re finally done you’re pretty psyched about it.

And when the car gets washed it’s like you have a brand new car to look at for at least a week.   Such a good feeling.   But with anything, there’s always potential for crappy things to happen.  And while they don’t happen all that often, here are five buzzkills that can ruin your car washing experience….

The Radio Station is Changed, Lowered or Whatever

Ever notice that if you have a really lame song playing in your car that you’ll change the radio station before letting your car get washed?  As if you should care what those guys think.   Anyway, it’s annoying when they either mess with the volume or flat out change the channel all together.   Just leave my car alone dude.

Your Gum or Loose Change is Gone

It’s the weirdest thing.  Of all things to take in my car, why the hell would you take my last piece of gum?  I mean I understand the loose change thing, especially if it’s under the carpets.   But why the hell would you steal my gum?  That’s my gum man.   Come on guy.   Don’t take my gum.

It Rains The Same Day

This is probably the ultimate buzzkill of getting a car washed.   Nothing worse than toxic rain leaving spots on a car that was supposed to be clean for an entire week.   Hell I usually check the weather forecast a week out before washing my car but you just never know.

Bugs Fly Right at Your Window

You just got your car washed.  It’s the dead of summer.  Your windshield looks great.   Not anymore!  Splat.   You have like 16 bugs that just decided to head your direction as you pull out of the car washing place.   How much does that suck?

Your Seat isn’t in the Same Position

For some reason this one happens more than all the other ones.   It’s because when they clean the interior of your car they need to move your seat.   Not cool.   Stretch a little more pal.  You know how long it took me to get my seat configuration right in the first place?


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