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May 16 2012

If Only These 10 Companies Had the Guts to Advertise Like This

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Have any of you ever seen the movie Crazy People?  It’s probably my favorite Dudley Moore movie of all time.   It’s about an ad executive who basically cracks down and decides to write “honest” ads.   On accident he sends his honest ads to the final printing press and they get published in major magazines and billboards.   And by honest I mean ads like “Metamucil:  Yes I want to go to the toilet!”

He eventually gets sent to a mental hospital where he teams up with mental patients to make more honest ads because little did he know that his ads panned out better than any other ads he ever made for his company.   There’s more to the movie than that but the point is, would this type of honest approach work in the real world?

I have a feeling that it would but few if any companies have the balls to step up and try it.  So in the meantime we’ll have to settle for creative photoshoppers to do the dirty work.  Check out these 10 awesome fake ads…..


Photo credit to Lostateminor on these

Red Bull

Coors Light







Rice Krispies

Aston Martin

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