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May 15 2012

The Philadelphia Flyers Ice Girls are Worth Talking About

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In general I’d say I’m not the biggest fan of hockey.   It’s not that I blame or make fun of people who do in fact like the sport.   I just happen to be a sports fan who likes to watch scoring.   Which is also why I’m not too big a fan of soccer.   However, if there are some things that I do like about the NHL, it’s that it’s a tough sport.

I mean in what sport is fighting pretty much legal?  What sport allows you to hit a player with all your might and not get suspended?  I mean you get taken to a penalty box!  How awesome is that?

Another thing I dig about hockey is the new found ice girl phenomenon.   It’s now spread to every single NHL team and I love it.   One of my favorites is the Philadelphia Ice Girls.  I just so happen to have some great pics after the jump…

Watch out ladies! Thanks to Sports Illustrated for the photos.

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