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May 15 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Facebook

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As Facebook CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire who created the single-most loved website in the history of the internet – minus Uncoached.com. Insert our jealousness for not only having an idea that seems so simple, but turning it into what its become, we’re generally intrigued by what Zuck does on a daily basis. We also kind’ve regret not writing code and instead choosing to party all that time in college. Oh well, at least we had fun!

Since his 28th birthday was yesterday, it got us thinking about some of the greatest and dumbest things he’s done with his company. While we’re not at all on his level of running a Fortune 500 company, we do use the dang thing about every second of the day, so we fell we’re more than qualified to give our two cents.

For implementing how to successfully stare at a girl in a bar, while becoming “friends” with her before you ever even get her last name, we thank you Mark!

Opening It Up to Everyone

We remember when the ‘book was still a baby. When it was truly for the hip generation, and only college kids could log-in. While we admit he capitalized on the popularity his site achieved while only limited to campuses, the last thing we ever wanted to hear was our 85-year-old Grandma say she wanted to create a Facebook profile, or see what our parents thought of our status Saturday night. It literally ruins any privacy – or perverted humor – a person can have.

The Concept

It’s no secret Zuckerberg stole created the ultimate voyeur site, regardless of not allowing any pornography whatsoever. The fact that we can meet a girl one minute, and literally see what she looks like in a bathing suit from her Spring Break is pretty cool, but really creepy. We also admit that Facebook creeping isn’t cool, yet there’s no denying everyone does it.

News Feed

Without this little enhancement the site made, we’re not sure where people would get their info? Just like people’s complaints about Timeline being integrated into everyone’s profile, this wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms back when it was introduced. Fact is, it plays into everyone’s “I want the know now,” mindset, while also giving us a wide variety of profiles to look at.

Fan Pages

It was only a matter of time till the entertainment industry got hold of the power of Facebook, so when Zuck allowed entertainers and companies the chance to build out a personalized page to promote themselves/companies, it created the opportunity for fans to engage themselves in a way no one had really seen before. It let fans feel a part of something more than just a statistic from web traffic reports.

Community Building

This goes along with building fan pages, as it really gives supporters of a team, product or company the chance to give real-time feedback, while also feeling like they’re in a minority. Look, everyone wants to have friends, so when you’ve got 1 million people who generally like what you do, it’s pretty cool to see how your love for something can be shared by someone that’s all the way on the other side of the globe.

Keeping Us In Touch

As much as we’ve crapped on Facebook for ruining High School reunions and getting you in trouble with that hot chick on campus for knowing a little bit too much about her before actually meeting her, the bottom line is it lets us stay in touch with people we’d never think we would (or could) ten years ago. Sure, it gets annoying when seeing engagement and baby posts every five seconds, but it’s worth it knowing it’s a buddy you’ve known since you were in kindergarten.

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