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May 15 2012

If I Didn’t Have to Worry About Money I’d Probably Do Things I Can Do Now

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For whatever reason I’ve been doing a ton of reflecting lately.  I’m not sure if I’d call it a “crisis” persay but I’ve definitely been examining my life a bit more.   I think it’s one of those “am I really doing the most I can with my life?” kind of periods.   But at the same time I’m also upset at and questioning the entire “work real hard to achieve” model.

I mean what am I striving for so much?  What am I working so hard to achieve?  And at the same time I’m thinking “why can’t I just win the lottery?”   I think this all boils down to security and knowing I can do the things I want to without having to worry about my bank account drying up.

But the funny thing is this.  I, you, almost anyone can do the things they dream of even if they had no money.   And here are five I hear all the time….

1.  Sit Around On My Ass

I love when in the movie Office Space Peter talks about what he’d do if he had a million dollars.   Peter says, “nothing.”  That he’d sit around on his ass all day and do nothing.   His buddy then responds with “hell you don’t need million dollars to to nothing.  My brother sits around all day with no job and he doesn’t do shit.”   Doing something is usually a choice.   You can easily sit on your ass and do nothing.  It’s how you choose to do nothing that is the challenge.   But all in all, I can sit on my ass right now.  I just choose not to.

2.  Travel

Everyone always says that if they had more money they’d travel.   But if you’re the type of person who goes away once a year or less?  I’d be willing to bet that even if you had the time you wouldn’t travel nearly as much as you say you would.   I say it all the time yet here I am, home, writing, working.  And it’s not like you have to go far to travel.   Drive for 2 hours in any direction and you’ll be surprised at how far away from home you actually are.   If you’re going to travel, get in the habit of doing it now.  Don’t put it off until you “have the money” or “have the time.”   Fact is, I’m lazy and I doubt having all the money in the world would change that.   I need to travel more, period.  Money or not.

3.  Volunteer

If was going to volunteer somewhere shouldn’t I have done it by now regardless of my financial situation?  I think yes.   People always talk about volunteering when they have more time.  The amazing thing about all the things I’m mentioning here is that an outside factor such as money won’t get your ass out of bed.  Only you will.  If you want to volunteer then stop waiting and do something about it now.  That goes for my lazy ass too.

4.  Get in Amazing Shape

Don’t have time to work out?  Yeah right.  Make time.   I just find it funny how people always make excuses like “if I only had the time” or “if I could afford the gym.”   Sorry folks.   People worked out before there were gyms.   And you can eat healthy no matter how rich or poor you are.

5.  Masturbate a Ton

I mean it’s a given but yeah.


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