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May 10 2012

How To Be A Leading Man

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Let’s face it, about ninety percent of the human population wants to be a movie star. If you’ve never seriously considered it, the thought has at least crossed your mind, wondering what it’d be like? You see them squiring town with some of the sexiest women around, living in the Hollywood Hills, and having more money and free time than they know what to do with it.

Problem is, there’s a difference between being a movie star, and a becoming a leading man. Anyone can run off to L.A. and say they’re an actor – so, yeah, everyone living in L.A. – but just snagging a role shouldn’t be the end all. Landing Batman or finding out you’ll be Rachel McAdams’ slampiece in the next rom-com is what you’re really gunning for.

As the summer movie season’s start to kickoff soon, we thought it’d be appropriate to give you the different ways you can be the next big thing. Hey, if Will Smith can go from this to megastar, we’re pretty sure you can do the same, just follow these simple rules.

Having Style

A common misperception of a leading man is that they have to be some ripped-up meathead. That may be true if you’re looking to do a couple action films and then wind up in family comedies, but if you want to find yourself coming to mind for every major role, you’ve got to create your own style. Wearing affliction shirts and spiking your hair only gets you so far, but coming across as a dude every guy wants to try and be, that is what’s successful.

Being Talented

Um, this isn’t rocket science. If you’re going to be recognized by one name like Jack or George – we assume you know we’re referring to Nicholson and Clooney – than you’ve got to have some skills. Knowing the difference between practicing eye contact in front of your bathroom mirror, and holding your own with an Oscar winner is a good start. Once you realize acting isn’t as easy as you think it is, you’ll only get better at it.


Do you know what some of these dudes endured to get to where they are now? Sleeping in closets, dropping out of school, dressing-up in chicken suits? That’s standard practice while trying to live the dream. Sure, you very well may have what it takes to get to the top, but realizing you’re going to have to do crappy gigs until other people notice it is part of the territory.


Look, we just told you you’re not becoming McConaughey overnight. Do you remember his ass – not literally – in Angels in the Outfield? He was still a nobody, that didn’t have a major role in that flick, but now seems to nab every major role. To be great, you’ve got to go through some growing pains. The key’s to have staying power and persistence to get back on top.

Hire Yourself An Agent

When all else fails, network with the big wigs and find yourself a regular Ari Gold. You might not have the talent, the look, or the presence of mind to hold your own on screen, but with a little help from this guy, you’ll find those big-time payouts coming your way… how else do you think Tom Cruise still has a career?

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  • http://enlightenedbeast.com Odax

    Being the man of the hour comes easily to a select few but most guys have grown up in a feminine culture and could use a bit of perspective on becoming the Leading Man, or the Alpha of the culture. The world needs stronger men, that’s for sure.

    There’s a book I just read that speaks to this here.



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