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May 10 2012

5 Things I Fear Most About My Unborn Son Other Than the Obvious

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Just about every single day now my head is flooded with thoughts about the impending birth of my son.   He’s just chillin’ in there right now waiting to come out and change my life forever.   And as the wait continues,  I only conjure up more and more thoughts in this anxiety ridden head of mine.

So today I want to focus on some of the things that I fear my unborn son might be in his older days.  God knows I’ll do the best I can to steer him in the right direction but parenting alone can’t correct the many mistakes that children will inevitably make.    Anyway, here are the things I fear most about my unborn son excluding the obvious.

The obvious stuff is anything having to do with his health or mental capacity.   Clearly those are things that I think I and any parent fear and pray their kids don’t ever have….

That He Won’t Be Athletic

I’m not saying that every father wishes his son become a professional athlete but I am saying that most sure as hell won’t mind.   It’s not that I need my kid to be a major leaguer or in the NBA.   It’s that I’d like the kid to have a good semblance of athletics.  I’d like him to be better than average at most sports.   It’s just a solid skill to have.  It helps socially, and if the boy can get a scholarship or two I sure as hell won’t mind.   If the kid is totally inept at sports we’re going to have a problem.

That He’ll be Homosexual

I want people to understand that this isn’t a knock in any way whatsoever about homosexuality.   However,  I just don’t want my kid to be subjected to a life of constant scrutiny.   It’s a stigma like any other and I would feel horribly about it, especially when my son would be a little kid not truly understanding who he was yet.   It’s a fear many fathers, particularly heterosexual fathers have.

That He’ll Worry as Much as His Old Man

Of every single person I know in the entire world, I’ve never met someone who worries as much as me.   I just hope the little man doesn’t have the anxiety issues that I do.

That He’ll Be a Total Screw Up

No matter how much parenting you do you can’t control everything.  And if my son winds up a junkie, degenerate, compulsive gambler or any other type of addict I’m gonna be pissed.  Yeah I’ll have to deal with it but it’s definitely a fear of mine and one I’ll do everything in my power to stop.

That He’ll Just be Average

This one’s just my own thing.   I have a very tough work ethic and if I see my son just striving to be average it’ll really piss me off.   He’ll have whatever abilities his genes allow but if he’s not pushing it, I’ll be none too pleased.



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