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May 08 2012

5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Dreams

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If I could pick one thing I love doing above just about anything, it’s sleeping.   If only death were permanent sleep as in you were permanently dreaming.  Personally I think death is just a shut down and you don’t know anything that’s going on.  But how awesome would it be if death were actually a perpetual sleep?

Anyway, I’m getting off the point.   I like sleep because I don’t have to be awake.   Another reason I like sleep?  Dreams.   Dreams are amazing, especially when they feel real.   I look forward to sleep every single evening mainly because I have no idea what’s in store for me in my dreams.

Speaking of which, here are some cool facts you might not know about dreams….

Thanks to Oddee for these facts

Dreaming Temporarily Paralyzes Us

Most of us are not aware that we become temporarily paralyzed in the dream state.  This can be attributed to the fact that sometimes we may be so moved with certain dramatic dreams as to fall and hurt ourselves, thus, as a natural response the body goes into a temporary inactive state physically.  It goes to show you how animalistic we truly can be.   This is being a human being at its core.

We can Actually Control our Dreams

Remember the movie Inception?  OK well it’s not that crazy but it’s close.  In what is known as a “Lucid dreaming” phase one can control their dreams. Thus, one can also manipulate their dreams and even the outcomes.  Another interesting fact is that one dreams things one has witnessed some time before in their life.  I wish I had a handbook that could teach us this skill but I don’t.   Personally I’d like to learn how to dream for an extended period.

Some People Only Dream in Black and White

Certain dreams are very common to some people such as, failing an exam, getting up late for the exam, dreams related to one’s school, seeing a person dead who is alive in real life, being chased by someone etc. Studies are being conducted in the relevance of colors and repeated sequences in dreams.  While around 70% of people dream in color, 30% of people do not.   That’s a way higher number than I’d have expected.

Amazing Inventions we Thought Up During Dreams

While most times we forget our dreams as soon as we wake up many famous scientists wrote down their dreams the moment they woke up.   Those notes lead to some of the greatest discoveries of all time.   Next time you remember a dream, write it down because you never know.

REM Interruption Can Lead to Psychosis

Sleeping and dreaming which occur in the REM stage are very important for healthy living. In a research conducted involving students who were woken up at the start of their REM stage, it was noted the students became irritable, hallucinated a lot, were affected by psychosis,  and were finally disinterested in everything they did.   So yeah, that’s just one aspect to prove that sleeping is quite important.

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