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May 07 2012

5 Things I’m Pissed the Newer Generation Won’t Experience (And Don’t Know About)

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Every single generation that gets older has a nostalgic attitude when it comes to some of the things they had when they were growing up, or when they were in high school and college.  Granted there are plenty of things that we didn’t have that we wish we did.   However, it always seems that the older folks or even guys like me in their 30s will say stuff like “back in my day we didn’t have this” or “you should have seen what we used to have.”

It’s not that our day was better.  It’s just that this is how we were raised and we wish that current generations could experience life the way we did.   So speaking for myself, when I talk to current generations today, I’m always a little pissed that they have no concept of the life I had.

Speaking of which, here are five things I’m pissed that the new generation just doesn’t “get.”

80s Movies and Pop Culture

I can’t believe that there are college kids out there who have never heard of Back to the Future.   There are kids out there who don’t know Ferris Bueller or Weird Science.  And even if they’ve heard of these movies they’ve never seen them and probably never will.  That the song “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey is now associated with The Sopranos is probably the most symbolic of the point I’m trying to make.   Like I said, it’s not the newer generation’s fault.  It’s just that it sucks that they can’t appreciate what I did.

Rotary Phones

There was something always fun about using a rotary phone.   I gotta pick one up on Ebay or something.   I mean in today’s world with smartphones and wireless this and that, the days of the rotary phone will never exist again.   I don’t know man.  When you made a call on a rotary phone it really counted.  Think about the effort that went into dialing.   It was tough!

Atari, Caleco, and the Original Nintendo

Sure the graphics suck but do you realize how amazing these systems were back then.   One thing I like is that the Wii now allows you to download the old school NES games.  So at least people can experience Nintendo.   I feel like I want to force the Atari world onto this new graphics, first person shooter generation.   Nothing will ever beat Pitfall and Keystone Kapers!

WWF not WWE Wrestling

Pro wrestling today is probably more athletic than it’s ever been.   And it’s clearly more Hollywood than it’s ever been as well.   It’s a shame this new generation won’t be able to experience things like Piper’s Pit or the real Hulkamania.  Guys like Superfly Snooka, Macho Man Savage, Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, Junkyard Dog (the list goes on) are unfortunately a thing of the past and only existed when the WWE was the WWF.  Oh well.

70s Music- True Classic Rock

I wrote an entire article about this the other day.  I just don’t think the newer generation has an interest in bands like The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers, and many many more that guys like me “discovered” in high school.   I don’t know where that stopped but good God the music of today sucks.


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