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May 04 2012

5 Things We Repeatedly Do Around the House That We Hate Ourselves For

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When you work from home it’s very easy to spot patterns around your house (or apartment) that you end up hating yourself for.   We tend to get into nasty habits that every single time we notice them promise ourselves that we’re going to stop.   We even hate ourselves for allowing these things to happen.  And yet we always somehow return to our ways.

It’s kind of hard to give an accurate description of these things other than to just share them with you.  I think you’ll understand exactly what I’m saying here.

These are 5 things we repeatedly do around the house that we hate ourselves for….

Watch the Same TV Shows Again and Again

Have you ever caught yourself staring at an episode of a show and realize that it’s at least the 20th time you’ve seen said episode?  You’re watching it because there’s nothing on TV but you also realize how pathetic it is that you’re watching it yet again.   You vow to break the habit and within days you’ll be watching those repeats all over again.

Let the Garbage Pile Up

One of the things I can’t stand around the house is when I have to take out the garbage and it’s above the rim.  9 times out of 10 garbage will fall to the floor when I try to take the bag out and it’s disgusting.  Every time this happens I say to myself “I’m gonna take it out sooner and avoid this mess.”  Inevitably, the garbage piles up a week later.

Stare At Our Computer Screens for Way To Long

This is kind of the same thing as the repeat TV episode watching.   You find that when there isn’t much to do you immerse yourself into surfing around the computer.   Sometimes you wind up staring at the same screen for minutes on end until you “wake up” to find you’ve wasted over an hour.  I mean unless you’re look at porn, it’s kind of pointless to just mess around for no reason on the computer.  Get outside and do something.

Let the Dishes Pile Up

This is similar to the garbage thing.    I always vow to keep the sink empty meaning that every single time I eat or cook something that I’m going to clean it up afterwards.  This is way easier said than done.  In fact it’s nearly impossible.  I absolutely hate a filled up sink and yet I let it happen on weekly if not daily basis.

Let the Fridge Go Empty

We’ve all stared at our refrigerators more than once in a day.  And we’ve all been pissed when we know there’s nothing to eat.  After a while you get pissed and you actually wind up being pretty good for around a week.  You go to the supermarket and anticipate.  You have food for the whole week.   Within 2 weeks you’re back to empty fridge and being a moron.






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