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May 03 2012

8 Types of People I’m Skeptical Of For Very Shallow Reasons

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Ever look at a person and just know that you don’t like them?  Usually this comes from some type of visual cue that will tell me not to like the person.   Like if I see a giant barb wire tattoo I might be less inclined to be friendly to the person than if they didn’t have the tattoo.

But I’m not talking visual here.   In this case I’m gonna talk about people that I probably wouldn’t like because of one simple reason.   And that reason is pretty shallow when it comes to judging character.  Still though, if you meet any of these eight criteria, I doubt we’ll ever be friends.

Not that you care…..

People Who Say “I’m the Kind of Person”

Anyone who tells me who they are is nothing like they say.   You should show people who you are.  You don’t need to announce it to the world.

People Who Like Cats More than Dogs

It’s a problem   These people are weird.  I just don’t know how else to explain it.   Cat people weird me out man.   It’s as simple as that.

People Who Like Angelina Jolie

I mean yeah she does good for the world and all that but she’s freaky.  She’s just plain freaky and you know deep down she’s gotta be evil.   There’s just something about her that’s not right and if you’re in her camp, you’re not in mine.

Males Who Like Justin Bieber

Do I really need to explain this one?

Vegans and Vegetarians

You’re a human.  Eat meat.  It tastes good and it’s good for you.  Jesus Christ mellow out will ya?  Sure I don’t like slaughtering animals but come on.  This is civilization.

Anyone Who Hated the Show Seinfeld

Really there are two here.   Those that didn’t get Seinfeld and those that did but didn’t like the show.  I pretty much hate both groups.   How in the world could you not like that show?

People Who Don’t Think Norm McDonald Was Funny on SNL

I can see where people wouldn’t “get” his humor but these are the same types who probably wouldn’t think that Billy Madison was funny.  And to that I say “shame on you.”

Anyone I Catch Talking or Texting on a Cell Phone While Driving

I guess this one is the least shallow of the bunch but I honestly wish these people would die.  The only time it’s OK is if you’re at a red light.  Even then I’m a little annoyed.




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