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May 02 2012

London Builds World Largest McDonald’s for 2012 Olympics

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McDonald’s is building an Olympic-sized restaurant in London. The world’s largest Mickey D’s is being built for the London Olympics, according to the Daily Mail. It will only be open during this year’s summer games, which start in July. The restaurant will be about half the length of a football field, will have two-thousand employees, and can seat 15-hundred people. McDonald’s has been a top sponsor at the Olympics for years.

A two-thousand employee McDonald’s that can seat 1,500 people?! Yikes. The restaurant will be open for just six-weeks during the games. So basically what we’re saying is Mickey D’s is the food of Olympic Champions? I don’t think I’d be wolfing down McDonald’s before a big event..


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  • thatguy

    usain bolt did eat macdonalds the day he won the gold in beijing, so there’s that



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