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May 02 2012

4 Ladies We’d Sell Some Things To Get With

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Since we don’t really believe in the whole bragging thing, we’re not going to say we’ve had our share of hot girls. But we are going to say that if you’re a girl we’ve either dated or hooked-up with, you’re absolutely lovely and admire the years, months, days, or hell, even hours we spent together.

Now that we’ve got that bologna out of the way, let’s get down to what this post is really about – the super hot girls that are too good to be true! As if those types of girls even need more attention, this post is for the ones that we just can’t take our eyes off of. The ones that know they’re hot, flaunt their sexiness, yet are cool enough to ask for a Natty Light at a bar that charges $8 a brew.

As yet another hot video’s leaked starring our flavor of the past year, Kate Upton, it only makes sense to add the other ladies we just can’t believe are real. What on Earth did these girls do to get everything, because we’d really like for our next girl to sign the same deal.

Cheryl Cole

Is soccer player Ashley Cole a complete idiot? He scored one of the hottest chicks in the entire world, and somehow messed that up by cheating on her, than finally coming to his senses by trying to beg her to come back, only to be turned down. As a former Judge of The X Factor, an ongoing musician, and a royalty in the UK, she’s a bia to be reckoned with. It’s no wonder this dude was thinking about something else while performing…

Aly Michalka

She might not be a great actor, but this chick is definitely a great piece of ass! We take no shame in admitting we’ve sat through yawners like The Roommate and Easy A just to see what this chick’s wearing – or in some cases, not wearing. Supposedly she’s an aspiring musician, but we really want her to kind’ve stop doing anything except posing for mags that show-off her better talents, namely her boobs and stomach.

Hayden Panettiere

After being that little brat from Remember the Titans, Hayden’s grown-up to be one fine piece. We tend to think a lady like her would swallow any chick whole, and be the best wing”man” a dude could have. Not only would you be rolling with the hottest girl at the bar, but she seems like she’d have your back should some other guy start running his mouth. Oh, and any girl that can pull off both long or short hair? Yeah, she’s pretty sexy.

Minka Kelly

For our money, there’s no one quite like Minka. Just take a look at that picture and ask yourself if you’d be able to live with waking up next to that every morning? Words can’t quite do her justice, so we’re pretty sure anything in our possession wouldn’t either. But if there was any way we could convince her to think we had some mega-talent like a Derek Jeter, maybe we’d have a small chance?

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