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May 31 2012

The Best Fake Cheerleaders Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of the British Cheerleading squad

You basically had me at Rosie Jones.   But when you talk about adding Emma Glover and India Reynolds to the picture?  Well then that’s simply not fair.   I don’t know what they do over there in London but it’s something we really need to start doing here in the United States.

The Portfollio

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May 31 2012

The Coolest Looking Houses

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Building a home is something that everyone dreams of. It shows you’ve officially “made it,” are thinking about the future, have security  in a place that all yours, all while giving you a chance to show some personal style. But if you’re one of those people that happen to own one of these houses, you really nailed it on the head!

We’re not at all in the market to buy a house – who is these days? But for those that are, we’d recommend taking some notes on these architectural wonders. They are absolutely insane!

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May 31 2012

She’s Uncoachable: Maryna Linchuk is No Slouch

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It’s pretty obvious that Victoria’s Secret knows what they’re doing when they look for talent, but when they added Belarusian model Maryna Linchuk to their summer line this year, they may have just set our brain on fire!

If you’re thinking that Maryna looks like every other chick wearing a swimsuit or lingerie, we’d cry foul. There’s something about her that we just can’t stop drooling over. It could be the looks. Could be the fact she looks really good in swimwear. Or could just be that she’s flawless. Alright we admit it, it’s all of the above.

Catch more Maryna Linchuk after the jump…

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May 31 2012

Angry Taco Bell Customer Uses Drive-Thru Literally

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Police in southwest Ohio say a customer angry over not getting a taco he ordered struck a Taco Bell restaurant’s glass entrance with his truck. No one was injured.

Huber Heights police say 23-year-old Michael S. Smith ordered at a drive-up window in the Dayton suburb on Tuesday and later realized he was missing the taco. Officer Brandon Sucher (SOO’-kur) says Smith returned to the restaurant and had angry words with employees before striking the building.

Dude, I’m not even faulting this guy. It’s 6 PM after work, you just want your crunch wrap supreme and no bullsh$t and Taco Bell can’t come thru. Taco Bell needs to be held accountable for their service. This could be a statement heard ’round the world.

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May 31 2012

The 5 Worst Ways to Die

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Let us first start by saying we were extremely hesitant to write this. We try to stay away from depressingly worrisome articles that freak people out, but in the light of hearing the news about the damn psycho down in Miami, we felt it was kind of appropriate.

If you haven’t heard, the absolute worst way to die occurred the other day when a naked homeless dude on LSD decided he needed to feed his appetite by gnawing on another guy’s face. It’s sick enough that it happened, but the fact that other people actually caught him swallow the dudes eye makes it borderline barf material just thinking about.

Waking up this morning, we thought, “Damn, that seriously happened. Wonder what other ways would be awful to die?” Well, here’s what we came up with.

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May 31 2012

Models Wearing Leather Skirts is Always a Winner

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What is it about leather that makes people go wild?  Is it the feel of the material?  Is it the fact that you know you’re wearing a dead cow?  I mean seriously folks.  What is it?  Why do we associate leather with being cool?  Well sometimes it’s people trying to be cool but I don’t want to get into semantics here.

There’s just something about leather that we’re drawn to.   But alas, I am again using something as an excuse to post beautiful women.   Because if it weren’t for the fact that these women were gorgeous, the short leather skirts wouldn’t matter at all.

Enjoy the pics after the jump….

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May 31 2012

Eight Crazy Things Found in Abandoned Luggage

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So you’re going on a plane and you pack what you’d normally pack.  I mean what’s the weirdest thing you’d take on a plane.  A vibrator?  And that’s not even weird.  Typically if we lose items on a plane we’re concerned that our iPads or laptops or phones might be missing.   We’re not concerned about turtles or military GPS systems.   However, some people like to take some nutty things on their plane rides.

These obscure items all were found in lost or abandoned bags at airports around the world or at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama. Bags that go unclaimed after 90 days are sold by airlines and sent to this massive compound in the south where the items within are sorted, cleaned and resold at prices 30-80% below retail.

Check out some of the crazy stuff after the jump….

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May 31 2012

Thursday’s Throwdown: Carmen Electra Starts It, Dodging Death, and Dolphins Auditions

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Click on the photo for more of Carmen Electra

I tell ya it seems like Carmen Electra has been around since the day I was born.   She never seems to get any older.   It’s going to be a battle till the end between she and Pamela Anderson.  I wonder which one will eventually enter the world of hardcore?   It’ll be fun to find out.

The Throwdown

The most nonchalant ways that people dodged death – [Cracked]

Check out the auditions for the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders – [Unathletic]

Embarrassing songs recorded by professional athletes – [Gunaxin]

Funny joke about people who don’t like lawyers – [Funtasticus]

When you need some celebrity cleavage go here – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

Nina Dobrev and Maria Menounos are quite a pair – [Moejackson]

Some amazing remarkable photos from our history – [Nedhardy]

Check out the sexiest dentist in all of Italy – [DJ Mick]

How to make a real life Mario Kart by an MIT kid – [Guyism]

Then ten types of booty calls you need to know about – [Brobible]

What to give to the mom who has everything – [Cityrag]

This truly must be the edge of the world – [Awesome Galore]

Six annoying examples of fine print by scumbags – [Holytaco]

Facts you might not know about Game of Thrones – [Izismile]

One of the best female pairings I’ve seen all week – [Heyman Hustle]

Rihanna can looks pretty good when she wants to – [Brosome]

Regrettable tattoos that will make you laugh – [Don Chavez]

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May 30 2012

Cali Logan Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Cali Logan

Does anyone here know who Cali Logan is?  Neither do I.  Which is why this world is so great at times.  There’s just this endless reservoir of hotness out there that we’ll never even touch the tip of.   And how.   Unfortunately we’ll never really touch any of anything.  But at least we can look.

The Portfolio


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May 30 2012

12 People Wearing Funny Shirts

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What’s with people wearing ridiculous shirts around? We get the whole, freedom of speech thing, but for God’s sake, some of the crap folks are wearing is just insane.

Since so many people seem to really class it up with their efforts to go over the top, we wanted to give you some people we’d prefer you not model your behavior after. It’s one thing to not care, and another thing to just be a complete idiot – unfortunately, most of these people fall into that category.

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