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Apr 30 2012

Party Themes That Will Get You Laid

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We understand that when you’re at a party, there’s typically two things on your mind – Getting hammered and hooking-up. So if you’re thinking of throwing a rager in hopes to get yourself some T&A, we’re here to help you step it up a notch with some party ideas.

Since we know girls like to dress up for things – and we really thank them for throwing the inhibitions to the wall and skank it up – we give you the best themed gigs to try and get yourself laid. Yes, you can thank us anytime you want.  

Toga! Toga! Toga!

Unless you’ve been spending your entire college career under a rock, you should be well aware of the Animal House power of the toga party. Sheets are cheap, easy to come by, easy to take off, and easy to use for post coital cleanup. If things get real steamy, you won’t skip a beat if your costume gets ripped. If you got into college, you can make a fucking toga. If you’re reading this loaded, nice work. Here’s your tutorial.

Anything Goes But Clothes

Remember that kick-ass dick in the box costume you rocked a while back? Now’s the time to bring it back. You can make a costume out of garbage bags, bubble wrap, anything but clothing. Score extra points with the ladies and pull the ‘green environmental card’. It’s more important to REUSE than recycle. Keep this in mind and hook up with a hottie that you’ve already banged vs. your buddy’s ex.

Pimps and Hoes

You get to wear a leisure suit. She gets to dress like she’s working the corner. If we really need to spend anymore time describing why this is an amazing party idea, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

Siamese Twins

Screw dressing up in matching clothing. The only thing you need for this party is a cheap pair of handcuffs. The key to this party is picking your date before you have beer goggles. Ask out that babe from chem class, and stay connected to her all night. The only rule is you have to be attached together all night. It’s even more fun while you’re downing copious amounts of booze. If you know what you’re doing, the handcuffs will serve a double purpose at the end of the night…

Spring Break

Jacked up thermostat? Check. Cooler of Jungle Juice? Check. Jell-O wrestling station? Check. You don’t have to fly to Cancun to get crazy – you just need plenty of booze, bikinis, and tarps. Just remember to set-up that wet t-shirt competition and see what girl actually falls for your drunk swooning.

Drawers Day

Instead of a coat check, your genius ass is going to have a clothes check. That’s right, everyone’s stripping down a la Jimmy Eat World from ‘In the Middle’.  Concerned that no chick in their right mind will strip down to her skivvies before a few shots? Host a ‘Pajama Jam’ party and open up the clothes check at midnight. Send pictures when you pull this one off.

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