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Apr 27 2012

There’s Now a Bounty on Tim Tebow’s Virginity

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New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow‘s virginity being worth an estimated one million dollars. That’s right, the good guy himself is supposedly saving himself for marriage due to his religious beliefs, but not everyone really buys that. AshleyMadison.com happen to be some of those that are skeptical of this whole situation. The web site which is known to help organize affairs between married people is looking to prove Tebow as a liar. They are offering up $1 million to any woman that can prove she had sex with the Jets offseason signing.

This website, AshleyMadison.com – why aren’t people spazzing out about it? It’s a website that promotes extra-marital affairs. Since when is that the hot sh$t? Yesterday, I posted a video of a kid running in the wall. Today, we’re talking about a website that’s making money hand-over-fist promoting cheating on your spouse. I really think that we humans need to rethink our placement on the world’s animal hierarchy.

What are the odds Tebow had to go on a texting rampage telling every chick he’s banged, “If you tell them about us, I’ll f$cking kill you! You hear me”

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