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Apr 27 2012

5 Foods We Could Seriously Always Eat

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It’s completely insane, but do other people really get excited about food as much as we do? We’re not talking about the run of the mill meal that you’ve been looking forward to all day, but the things that you know will hit the spot the minute it hits your mouth. There’s a difference between craving something to eat, and needing that one thing you won’t change your mind on until your chowing down.

As you’ll see from our list, we’re not exactly thrilled to eat things with a whole lot of nutritional value - we’re dudes, that stuff’s not good! But lucky for us, we haven’t started developing any diabetic tendencies or skyrocketed to over two-hundo pounds, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be happening in the near future.


We know (or at least hope) that you’re not chomping on this stuff to fill your appetite, but bottom line, the sh*t tastes really good. Whether it’s to satisfy your hunger for an hour or so between meals, or to help freshen your breath in order to actually talk to someone, gum’s your best friend. If you really want to experience something, go pick yourself up a pack of that Bubblicious Lebron’s Lightning Lemonade – damnit our mouths are watering thinking about it.


An absolute no-brainer for any guy, if you breathe, you eat pizza. There always seems a debate between New York thin or Chicago deep, but for our dinero, we’re taking the plunge into Stuffed Crust. We figure if we’re already doing some ‘za, we might as well get the fattiest, tastiest stuff out there!


For all the wrong reasons, guys chow these tasty treats that Wendy’s created. Filled with layers of bacon and cheese, we’re pretty sure there’s nothing better to eat when either fighting a killer hangover, or are still trying to keep the party going. We don’t suggest eating one every day, but if you told us you were interested in doing so, we wouldn’t stop you. Yep, they’re that good.

Sour Patch Kids

We once ate a package of SPK’s in 8 minutes, no joke. Like their commercials say, when you combine the sour and sweet in ‘em, you just can’t seem to put the damn things down. We still debate whether or not they’re best eaten separately, making the inside of your mouth completely raw, or by combining flavors. If doubling-up is your thing, go ahead and try red and yellow together. It’s an mouth orgasm you won’t regret.

Fancy Cakes

There’s little doubt that these things are going to be the death of us. On top of all the other junk we chow on, we somehow find a reason good enough to “reward” ourselves with a package of these after dinner every night. Remember that piece of cake you just couldn’t stop getting seconds and thirds of at the office party? Yeah, it’s like that, except you don’t need to embarrass yourself singing at some bogus occasion to get some.

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