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Apr 26 2012

5 NFL Draft “Busts” of the Past Decade

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When you think of the NFL Draft, guys like Eli Manning, Ndamukong Suh, and late-round steals like Tom Brady usually come to mind. As yet another batch of college stars come into the league, every fan hopes that their team avoids the dreaded pick that ends up flaming out, potentially setting a team back years – case in point: the Cleveland Browns.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve had Draft Fever for weeks – which we’ve heard is actually more common than Bieber Fever these days! And since all you seem to get is “expert” analysis from guys like Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay each day on ESPN, and have read mock drafts and articles for the past couple days, we figured to give you a break from all the serious stuff.

See, we like to do things a little differently here, so rather than focus on the picks that didn’t quite work out the way fans had hoped – ahem, David Carr – we wanted to give you the “busts” some of the players had with the law, which could’ve been the reason they failed on the field in the first place!

So rather than seeing Cade McNown and Joey Harrington on this list, you’ll get the guys that epicly failed at staying out of trouble. We can’t wait to see this year’s potential criminals!

JaMarcus Russell – 2007 1st Round (Raiders)

Unfortunately for Russell, he not only would’ve made our list of biggest Draft Duds based off on-field performance, but he also snags a spot on our criminal list. After being busted for codeine a couple years ago, he’s nowhere close to getting back in the league anytime soon. Hard to believe the Raiders actually thought this dude would be the face of their franchise! Hey, at least he can throw a ball really far!

Maurice Clarett – 2005 3rd Round (Broncos)

Clarett thought he was so good that he once threatened the NFL eligibility for players to be at least three years out of high school before declaring for the draft. In summer 2006, after leading officers on a road chase a la O.J., he got booked, where cops found him spitting at them, and a damn AK-47 in his trunk. What a f*cking moron.

Raheem Brock – 2002 7th Round (Eagles)

To survive in the league as a seventh-rounder for as long as Brock has, you’d think he’d be pretty smart, along with semi-talented. But as three arrests in the past 18 months proves, he’s anything but. If two DUI arrests aren’t dumb enough, maybe ditching out on a $27 bar tab is? Dude, if you’re going to dine and dash, you might as well run up that bill, cuz!

Matt Jones – 2005 1st Round (Jags)

As a former college QB, it was a little bit of a stretch to think Jones was going to transition to WR in the NFL easily, so being drafted as high as he did was a little surprising to being with. Almost as surprising to Jones, was probably when the cops whacked him for that yayo back in ’08.

Jerome Simpson – 2008 2nd Round (Bengals)

The most recent addition to this list, when Simpson isn’t catching passes, he’s catching jail time after the cops “intercepted” a package to his house last fall containing 2.5 pounds of weed. They searched his house, found six more pounds, and he got tossed in jail for a couple weeks. At lest he’s remembered more for this flip than anything else that’s happened to him in the past year.

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