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Apr 25 2012

Drinking Games To Hook Up To

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We all know that drinking games are awesome. We all know that getting a little booty is completely awesome, so why not set the tone of the night early and maximize your chances of closing the deal later?

Since being drunk and getting some T&A almost go hand in hand, go ahead and turn up the tension with these drinking games. All you need is the right combination of friends, booze, and some brass balls of confidence to pull it all off.

If push comes to shove, you can always use one of these games to distract fellow partiers from your hookup antics. Grab Lisa, tell her the game’s stupid, and if she’s into it, do her in the bathroom. No one will know because they’re preoccupied trying to get some. Sounds perfect to us!

Suck and Blow

You play this game before the real game of Suck and Blow starts. Two or more players need to pass a playing card back and forth by having one player hold it to his mouth by sucking in air. He passes it to the next player by blowing out while she sucks in to accept the card. The next player passes the card on by blowing out while they suck in. If he or she drops the card, you get some instant lip action and they take a drink. Yes, you should sit next to people you find attractive.

Never Have I Ever

You never know where your night is headed when you start this game, but it’s bound to get steamy. Have your buddy start to set the right tone. They need to say something sexual that they’ve never done before. Anyone in the group who has done it needs to take a drink. You can also play this game one on one. If your playmate has done something you haven’t, they need to show you how it’s done.

Flip, Sip or Strip

In this game, three or more players take turns flipping a coin and calling out heads or tails. If they’re correct, they pass the coin to the next player. Wrong guess? Now the real fun begins. Sip or Strip! Take a shot, or take off your top. You can’t choose the same option twice in a row, so this last rule makes for a very interesting evening!

Kinky Quarters

This is a sexy spin on one of the classic drinking games. Take a muffin tin, and place pieces of paper with various stunts you would like to perform, or have performed, in each section. When your quarter lands in one of the sections, you must do whatever the paper says to someone else in the group. Of course, if you miss, you have to take a drink. Damn you Kinky Quarters! I now have to take a body shot off of Lisa’s boobs. Trust us, it’s a fun time.

Strip and Dare Beer Pong

Beer pong’s an absolute classic, so why not mix it up with this newer version, which includes dares printed on the bottom of each cup? Be creative dudes. Remember, you have to be game to complete the dare yourself. Fill the cups halfway with your favorite booze, and place on a mat. Pick good people to be on your team. If your opponent scores, you’re downing the booze and owning the dare.

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