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Apr 23 2012

Best Things About Being Unemployed

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As the economy supposedly gets better, we argue that not having a job’s actually not as bad as everyone thinks it is. Sure, you have to watch your spending and can’t do all the things you want, but it beats going into a 9-5 everyday, dreading your coworkers and playing the corporate card.

We support the working three jobs to get by kind of lifestyle ourselves. The ones that you can drop at anytime if the “perfect” job comes along, yet still give you the flexibility to do whatever the hell you want to do.

Since we enjoy partying all night, sleeping in most days, and zero responsibility, we very happily tell you the reasons being unemployed isn’t such a bad deal. Now go quit that sh*tty job and join the ranks of the happiest people you’ll ever find!

You Write the Rules

We can all agree that one thing that completely blows about having a job is “The Man” you’re working for. Worrying about how many vacation days you have left, coming up with excuses when you’re running 10 minutes late, and acting as if you’re anything but yourself in the office is just a few things he’s got you by the balls by. When you break away from his leash, just think of all the things you can do?!?

Getting Your Life Back Together

This should be the happiest time of your entire life – no joke. You may have bills to pay and a mortgage to worry about, but dig into the info you can use for help with all that. It’s common knowledge people lose their jobs each day, so banks and such are there to help if needed. We suggest actively looking for work that makes you happy, but enjoy the days and the free time – ’cause if you get trapped back into Corporate America, they’ll be few and far between.

Growing That Beard

There’s a reason you were blessed with a five-o’clock shadow each day – and it’s not to look like a pretty boy. It’s a sign that those prickly little hairs of yours want to be let loose! When you’re unemployed, you have no reason to shave each morning, unless you really like to – which be honest, you don’t.

Saving For Things You Actually Want

It’s common to be stingy with your cash while out of work, but we found that we actually did a better job of spending on the things that we actually wanted, cutting out the disposable stuff. You’ll always have necessities like grub, gas, and rent, but if you know you can’t drop a cool hundo at the bar each weekend, you can put that money towards something productive – like a Euro trip in a couple months.


This is a combo of multiple things. From catching-up on lost sleep, to finally having a reason to get out of that struggling relationship, you can get your mind right, and start focusing on yourself for awhile. It’s okay to be selfish, so sleep in till 10 each morning, jump on a treadmill, apply to jobs from a coffee shop, and catch-up on lost time with family and friends. Get into a routine, and you may actually find yourself actually being productive… imagine that?

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