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Apr 20 2012

The State of Alabama Ends the Run of Dirty Bastard Beer

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You can buy Fat Bastard wine in Alabama, but you’ll have to go elsewhere for Dirty Bastard beer. The state alcoholic beverage control agency said Thursday it has banned the sale of that brand of beer in the state because of the profanity on its label. Beer and wine are commonly sold in grocery and convenience stores and anyone can see the labels, so staff members rejected the brand because parents may not want young people to see rough language on the shelves, said Bob Martin, an attorney with the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

Let’s really think about this – people are worried about kids seeing “Dirty Bastard Beer” when they can go home and hop on the internet and see a naked chick getting pee’d on? I’ll be a little less aggressive – people are worried about kids seeing “Dirty Bastard Beer” when they can go home and pop on the TV and see a sh$tfaced Snooki dancing in the club with her vagina hanging down to her ankles? Dirty Bastard isn’t even a swear word. You can here a lot worse on basic television. Actually – Do I really care? No. The beer probably taste like sh$t. The irony in this whole thing is that a kid probably wouldn’t even be able to read the cursive label.

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  • David

    Dirty Bastard is actually a phenomenal beer from a world class craft brewery. The banning of it is beyond idiotic.



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