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Apr 19 2012

5 Personal Production Challenges You Should Try on Your Own

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In the business I run I have a partner.   And when you work with a partner who you’re not directly sitting next to, sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up talking on the phone, sending instant messages or sending emails that aren’t really necessary.

In fact this could be with anyone in the entire world, not just a business partner.   It’s incredibly easy to get distracted from work simply because we want to be distracted.  Hell anything but do work right?

Here’s the thing about work and it’s something I believe.   In the corporate world, in an eight hour day most people really don’t have much more than 2-3 hours of real work to do.  Hell I’ve been there.   But rather than spread it out over the course of the day and find ways to kill time, how about just getting it out of the way?

If you want to be more productive here are five challenges you can pose to yourself throughout the day.  Wait until you see how much you get done if you can follow any of these…..

Don’t Instant Message Anyone For An Entire Day

Your best bet is to simply turn off any chat programs you have.   See how long you can pull that off.   And that includes Facebook, Skype, GChat, you name it.   Wait until you see how much more you get done when you’re not wasting your time chatting with people about unnecessary crap.   You might think you only spend a few minutes a day on it but I’ll bet it’s more than an hour.

Check Your Email Only Three Times

For some people checking email three times isn’t a challenge at all.  For the majority of people it’s close to impossible.   I’m willing to bet that people spend more time actually checking email than reading it.   The amount of refreshes, logins, etc etc probably take up an easy half an hour if you count everything up.   Chances are you’ll get the same amount done checking email 3 times instead of 30.

Pick up Your Phone Only Once

The only exception here is if you’re in a cold calling job or one where you have to use the phone all the time.   However, if you’re not in one of these jobs, see if you can pull this one off.

Avoid Every Single Social Media and Games site For One Day

Ha!  Good luck not logging onto your Facebook account for an entire day.   You like that Flash game your friend just sent you?  Don’t play it.   I’m willing to bet most people log at least 2 hours a day with this crap.   See if you can hack just one work day without it.

Work in 1-1.5 hour bursts with zero disturbances

Now, if you can do the first four then try this one.   If you can actually put in a full hour of work without any disturbances 4 times a day?   Watch how much you’ll get done.  You see I’m not one for face time and I’m willing to bet that in 4 hrs you’ll accomplish more than you probably do in 2-3 days.

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