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Apr 17 2012

5 Acceptable Times to Get Drunk If You’re Over 30

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I probably lean to the extreme on this topic but if I’m honest with myself and all of you, my desire to drink alcohol has dwindled to practically zero in the 10 plus years it’s been since I’ve graduated.

Since the age of 17 drinking had been a valued part of my life.  Hell it was probably the cornerstone of all social activity until about the age of 25.   Now when I think about drinking it nearly makes me nauseous.   My rationale is quite simple.  A few hours of fun is never worth the now three days it takes to recover.

However, that’s not to say I don’t tie one on every now and then.   And I’m actually encouraging folks to let loose every once in a while.  However, once you reach 30 it’s kind of pointless to just drink for the sake of drinking like we did in the younger days.

Here are five acceptable times to get drunk over the age of 30…..

*This all goes without saying but in all these instances, please do not be driving

At Any Professional Sporting Event

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to have a few drinks than when you’re at a sporting event.   Honestly it doesn’t really matter what kind of event but how often do you really go to these things?  Not too often, so getting your tailgate on and even throwing down a few while you’re in your seats is not a bad thing at all.   I’m even more in favor of when you can drink during a day game.   I feel like hangovers aren’t nearly as bad when I drink during the day and stop before night time.

While On Vacation

This goes without saying but I do feel it was appropriate to mention.   I don’t know what it is about vacations but they somehow have a magic healing power about them.  To this day I feel like I can drink almost every day on vacation and it doesn’t do all that much to me.   In particular I feel like the caribbean has amazing recovery powers for hangovers.   Maybe it’s just the sun making me delusional.

Picnics and Barbecues

I guess this falls under the anything “All-American” category.  Kind of like going to a ballgame is good reason to have a few beers, so are barbecues and picnics.   Especially if they involve annoying in laws and the like.   You definitely want to be a few drinks deep if you have to deal with that for more than a couple of hours.

Specific “Nights Out” but on Weekends Only

This is kind of general but I’m talking about rare times when you do in fact go to a bar on a weekend.  Or how about a rock concert?   Basically any “event” that is significant that’s on a weekend calls for some bubbly.   Rarely I’ll drink during the week if I go to a concert.  I feel like stay out late is tiring enough let alone drinking knowing I have work the next day.  But that’s me.

Any Night You’re With High School or College Friends

This is the one exception to virtually any rule.  If you have a buddy in town that you haven’t seen in a while you can get drunk no matter when this is.  Chances are your relationship was built on alcohol anyway so why fight it?


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